Monday, August 2, 2021

Small Space Gardening with Kids

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Small Space Gardening with Kids on Work it Mommy blog

My mom and gramma are visiting right now!!! Not only is this our first visit since lockdown craziness but there is so much to celebrate (like a new baby!)

One of the activities my mom wants to do with the kiddos is to start some seed plantings. I know we've missed the prime growing time by several months, but we have no qualms with keeping them inside until spring rolls around again.

We are small on space so everything we need to grow a garden must be sized down accordingly.

Here are some things I'm eyeing right now:

Sustainable gardening pots- this is such a great option for short-on-space gardening. Not only can it hold up to 50(!!!) plants, it has caster wheels for easy transporting, and is self composting.

Gloves- especially for little hands.

Tools- though I'm sure none of my kids are opposed to going straight in with their hands.

Soil- preferably an organic mix for the best start to tiny seeds.

Assorted seeds- my mom is bringing dried plum seeds from the tree back home and everything crossed one will take 🤞 Sunflower and mixed wildflowers round out the seeds that I know of, but I'm sure my mom has some surprises up her sleeve.

Books- the preschool teacher in me always presents an activity with beautiful visuals, these books fit that bill!

If you want some more gardening inspiration, check out our hummingbird garden post!

Small Space Gardening with Kids on Work it Mommy blog

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