Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cheap Chic for Toddler Girls: Graphic Tees

Cheap Chic for Toddler Girls

I love a good graphic tee. Finding them at great prices?  Even better!  Don't get me wrong, I fully respect small businesses but sometimes you can't spend $$$ on a shirt that will only get worn a handful of times before being outgrown (growing toddler problems, am I right?!)

Here are a few of my favorite splurge and save options for toddler girls.  Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Too cute!! Loving your finds - especially the mermaid tee! Now I just need a baby girl... ;)

    1. The mermaid tee is my favorite too! Wish I could help you out with the baby girl part but I will say you wouldnt regret having one :)

  2. So cute!!I love getting graphic tees for my little guy, especially not that onesies are getting impossible during changings. As much as I love dog and dinosaur tees, I can't wait to need to but mermaid and bow ones !!

    1. Onesies are impossible these days, I stop putting them on around 10 months old haha. I will send you glittery, girly thoughts ;)

  3. Cute styles! I am with you...there is no use spending big bucks on little kid clothing.

    Thanks for linking up at Tuesday Talk!


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