Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Little Things: Stroller Fun

This is too cute not to share.  Kinsey was gifted this stroller on her 3rd birthday for her dolls.  Lo and behold, Daddy plopped Brielana in it and she fit perfectly.  And this made both of the girls nights.  It also gave us parents a few giggles too.  I mean, come on.  #Darling

I remember playing with my brother's old stroller as an 11 year old and having a blast and that was a regular,Cadillac-sized stroller (why did they used to be so big?!).  Having a scaled down version that a real baby fits in, pure heaven in Big Sister's book.  Kinsey is the sweetest little mommy and Brielana just adores her; I love to see them "play" together and get glimpses into the future.  

But for right now, let them be little and silly!

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  1. Awww so precious! My little girl is obsessed with her doll- so cute and fun!

  2. We did that as well with the baby stroller until they broke it!!! haha!

  3. That's funny and adorable! My daughters push my tiny 21 month old around in strollers and shopping carts!

    1. I love seeing my girls playing together and fostering a friendship so young! Tender hearts :)

  4. So stinking cute! My girls used to do the same exact thing.... okay I'm going to go cry now. When did they get so big :(.

  5. That's so cute! My kids fight about who gets to push the baby when we go for walks. It makes them feel so big and important to be trusted with something like that.


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