Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Forever Friends

I had the great fortune of reconnecting with a beloved friend this weekend and it has given me the gift of reminiscing.
We were just babies here!
I first met Dana at the Gap when we were hired as Seasonal employees for Holiday in 2004 at the young age of 19. A few of us just hit it off right away and I would love to say we were inseparable ever since, but this is reality and a much sweeter story.

Dana was one of the first people I told when I first started dating Brian.  We we're doing markdowns early in the morning and just being silly from lack of sleep and that kind of cemented our friendship.
Flat fortune cookies, in fact, do exist
Around 2006 Dana moved to a new state and we kept in contact through email and social media.
Sushi date
Dana honored me by standing as one of my Bridesmaids when I got married and bless her heart she flew all the way from New York to attend.  She house-sat for us when we went on our Honeymoon.  She is one of the signed witnesses on our Marriage license.  This girl is kinda important to me ;)

And this is where real life sneaks in, because that was the last time I saw her in almost 7 years.  Through the birth of the girls and growing up and not to mention the long distance thing (West Coast/East Coast) we had lost touch.  

And then last week through a random FB picture she posted, we reconnected.  She was in California for a bunch of Family gatherings, could we meet up?  It was like the last 7 years fell away and we were teens again.  It was like that space of time had not separated us.  We picked up right where we left off.  

I got to meet her boyfriend, she got to meet my little ladies (and I'm happy to report all were smitten with everyone.)  We are older, wiser and yet still those two young girls who happened to get hired at the same time at Gap during a turning point in both of our lives.

There are so many more stories I could share but their value would be lost on everyone but the two of us and I want to keep them cherished.  That must be one of the requisites of being a forever friend.

Love you Dana!  Only 6 more weeks til we are reunited again.

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  1. That is so awesome to be about to reconnect with ppl bc it really is hard to stay connected. Love the stories!

    1. Thats so true Kasey, even when you have the best intentions. Thanks friend :)

  2. So sweet. I have a friend like that to we can go years without seeing each other and pick up like we never missed a beat. Friendships like those are priceless. So glad you were able to reconnect.


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