Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My girl Vanessa at X-tremely V tagged me to join in the Love/Hate/Tag post so I'm going for it!  All you have to do is share 10 things you love, 10 things you hate and then nominate 10 bloggers to join in the fun!  Let's do this!


1. This probably doesn't even need to be stated, but I love my Family!

2. Water.  Hands down my favorite beverage.  And I definitely know I'm in the minority when I say "I love water".  But I really do.

3. Reading.  And I will pretty much read anything.

4. Layering my clothes.  Jeans and a belt with a tank top+tshirt+ cardigan+ scarf= my perfect combination.  Clearly I relish the colder months.

5. Citrus scents.  Lemon just does it for me.  Grapefruit is heavenly.

6. Sweets.  I have an awful sweet tooth.  Chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, candy.  You name it, I'll eat if sugar is an ingredient.  

7. Slip-on shoes.  I'm not lazy or anything but tying shoes is completely unnecessary.

8. A cozy pair of PJs.  Sigh.

9. Being a Girl Mom.  In all it's pink, glittery, princess-y glory.

10. A nice nap.  Or as Kinsey calls it a "cuddle" (because the girl can't stand the n-a-p word.)


1. Being barefoot.  I just can't do it.  Even inside my own house.  I always wear socks or slippers.  

2. Doing dishes.  But what's worse is a full sink of dirty dishes.  So I do them.

3. Being in traffic.  Who actually likes this, am I right?  And aggressive drivers, I'm a granny driver so this really makes me nervous.  Suffice it to say my husband does all the driving when we're in L.A.

4. Not being prepared.  I'm a planner and if I feel unprepared I get a little nauseous.  I'm not very good with spontaneous either.

5. Hearing people argue.  I get all sweaty and retreat inside myself.  Most of the time I don't even realize there's a problem until someone yells and then I shut down.  Watching Reality TV is not my thing lol.

6. Getting my hands dirty.  I don't like getting pen marks on me.  I can't garden.  I'm pretty neurotic about having clean hands, it's a wonder I'm a preschool teacher.

7. Loud noises.  Which is kind of ironic because I can be pretty loud.  Apparently I have a sensory disorder of some kind, see items #5-7!

8. Cigarettes.  The smell alone is disgusting.  Thank goodness no one in my family smokes, yuck.

9. Being scared.  Not a fan of scary movies.  I have an active imagination so, nightmares.  I recently watched Blackfish and was plagued by killer whales all night.  F-r-e-a-k-y.

10.  Being embarrassed.  I go from normal to red in 3 seconds flat.  And try as I might it stays that way forever.  And don't you know it, but my 4 year old is really good at embarrassing me in public, haha. 


If you want to play along, I nominate:

1. Elizabeth @ Chasin Mason

2. Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup

7. Whitney @ Mama and Mister

8. Courtney @ A+ Life

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  1. I am with you about slip on shoes, tying shoes is for the birds! And I love how you layer your outfits, I have never been good at putting the right clothing items together to layer, taking notes! Kids seem to know exactly what to do and say to embarass the crap out of you!

  2. I loooooooove layering too! Even when its 90 here, I pretty much wear a scarf. Haha. I don't care if people make fun of me, I love it :) So excited to play along!

  3. Thanks for playing along! We are definitely different on your "loves" (pink and glitter are so not my thing), but tose "hates" are right up my alley! Well...except I am totally an aggressive driver! lol!

  4. I was going to do Vanessa's tag in the near future too :) And I think we could be best friends, my list is going to look very familiar to this one. In fact when I do mine, I'll just have to point everyone in your direction and I'm done :) Except the barefoot thing, that is the only thing I would change, hehe.

  5. Thanks for the tag, I'll add this to my post list. I loved reading more about you girl.

    We have so much in common to. SUGAR, citrus smells, water and a hate for being barefoot and pretty much every other thing you hate bugs me too :).

  6. I love your layered outfit! I love autumn for that reason. Give me all the pashminas!

  7. LOVE this idea!! thanks for the tag and I'll be sure to do it in the next few weeks! AND we have SO much in common. I LOVE water and sugar…. and dirty dishes but I hate doing dishes--- weird!


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