Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday: Brain dump

Join me as I count down my Top 5 of this week:

1} Scoring big at a Gapkids Sale last weekend. I could have gotten into serious trouble but shopping with a 3 year old kinda curbs the desire to browse. Little Miss certainly made out with 3 tops and 2 barrettes. And ok, you know I also got a pair of gold loafers for ridiculously cheap, too.

2} Mother's Day. I have seen some adorable cards on IG this week and it has me feeling behind (why, I'm not sure, I still have close to 2 weeks to shop, but it is what it is.) I think these from Katygirl Designs are great.
Mother's Day Card Set of 2

3} Easter candy. It's becoming a menace in my house. I. Can't. Stay. Away. So I searched Pinterest for some ideas on how to consolidate it (ha) and then share the wealth with unsuspecting co-workers and family:
Mini Cadbury Egg Blondies. These were easy and so yummy. Definitely saving this recipe! { }
Cadbury Mini Eggs Blondies 

Jelly Bean Easter Bark | by Life Tastes Good #Easter #Snack
Jelly Bean Bark
4} Grocery shopping is kicking my butt lately! Its like we buy a bunch of food and its gone in a week! And then there's the dinner struggle of what to cook. I seriously need to lose the baby brain and get back on track. Maybe this Meal Planning kit from Raising Up Rubies and Amy J Delightful will inspire me (fingers crossed!):

5} Home Improvement on Hallmark Channel. I have been enjoying these re-runs too much! Totally takes me back to childhood. The Taylor's are so my favorite TV family :)

{Have a wonderful weekend, folks!}

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