Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Little Things: Kinsey's Fragilis

When the weather is cooperating, we spend a lot of time outdoors.  Kinsey has always been a nature lover and the fresh air just does her good.  The other day she was digging around in the dirt and discovered a chrysalis.  

She became so enamored over that poor little dud of a never-butterfly that she promptly made it a home in her bug catcher and took to carrying it around the yard.  Every few minutes she would pick it up and cradle it in her hands while talking to it.

Kinsey: "Poor baby doesn't have a family.  I'll give it food.  I don't know what they eat I'm just happy I found one.  I like his shell (chrysalis) I just have to check on it.  How long do you think he lays? (will hatch.  Hehe I thought that was too precious.)

I tried to tell her gently that sometimes chrysalis' don't hatch into butterflies (which I'm 99.99% certain this one will not) and not to be disappointed if that was the case, to which she promptly replied, "I won't be disappointed, I'll just cry"(!!!)  Yeah, she's not attached or anything.

Later when Daddy came home she kept telling him about her "fragilis" that she found and had named "Rollie Pollie Pollie".  I die over "fragilis"= fragile + chrysalis.  Total #KinseyQuote.  

I am so moved by her compassion and love.  I told her she was a good chrysalis mom and she thanked me.  Bless her heart and wish us "laying" success!

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  1. So so sweet. "I won't be disappointed, I'll just cry" Bahaha!!!! Oh my goodness yes, that sounds SO familiar. Good luck sweet girl!

  2. What a cute story!!! And 'I'll just cry?!' Classic!!

  3. hahaha so sweet. "I won't be disappointed, I'll just cry" is the best. oh I laugh, kids. Love em.


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