Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Little Things: Morning Cuddles

I try to get up in the mornings before the girls,  but some days that just doesn't happen; especially right now as Brielana is cutting 4 of her top teeth all at the same time.  And occasionally when that doesn't happen, I get to spend some extra sweet time getting in my morning cuddles with these two cuties.  Kinsey comes from her room, dragging her Blankie and crawls in with us and we spend the morning slowly waking up and taking pictures, per Kinsey's insistence :)

I love the bed head and wispy, baby-bird look about them.  And they are extra loving first thing in the morning (usually).  

I may not like the crazy, extra-feedings that teething induces, but I sure do cherish my morning cuddles.

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Thank you, Jess for letting me co-host this week's It's the Little Things!


  1. Morning cuddles are THE best! And four at a time?! Poor baby and poor you!

    1. Girl, you have no idea! I'm hoping we get a break from new teeth for a l-o-n-g while!

  2. Aww, hope your daughter does better with the teeth cutting. Four at one time is all Sophie ever does. She was late on getting her first teeth and then all of a sudden four were there. She's cutting her molars now and it's a trial for all of us.

    Liz → {sundays with sophie}

  3. Oh what sweet pictures of these lovely little ladies!!! I try to get up before my girls too but when they come in the bed those little snuggles are the best!


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