Tuesday, May 5, 2015

10 Months

How old: 10 months
Weight: 15.12 pounds (up 8 pounds)
Length: 27.1 inches (up 7. 13 inches) 
Baby clothes: 6-9 (bottoms), 9 months sizes and some 12 month tops
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: Nights have finally settled back down into a time of sleep.  Teething really messes everything up!  It's no wonder though, she cut 4 top teeth all at the same time!
Feeding: Still my adventurous and hearty eater!  Nurses about 4 times throughout the day plus her 3 meals.
Likes: Getting into stuff she isn't supposed to (hello, dog water bowl)  Pulling herself up on everything.  Playing with boxes and packaging(?!)  Putting everything into her mouth.
Dislikes: Having her face wiped down.  Having inappropriate things taken away from her.  Teething.  Posing for pictures ;) she just won't stay still.
Milestones:  She is balancing while standing unsupported for seconds at a time before gracefully plopping back down onto her bum.  We also just bought her her first pair of soft-soled shoes.  She has 6 teeth!  It definitely takes some getting used to seeing little pearls in her mouth where once was just pink gums.  She will nod her head "yes" and shake her head "no", it is so funny!   

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  1. Yay for all the milestones! The more milestones they make, the more they keep you on your toes! And she is GORGEOUS btw!

    1. True that Kasey! She keeps me busier than Kinsey did at her age (though Kinsey is definitely the active 4 year old now, must be making up for it, ha!) Thank you so much, the way to a mama's heart is complimenting her babies, am I right?!

  2. Man she is so cute!! But how did our babies all of a sudden become 10 months old??

    1. Thanks Whitney! I can't even express how fast this year has flown by, weren't we just pregnant?!


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