Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Currently// February

Watching// Season 10 of SyFy's Face Off with Brian.
Reading// Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna, still. I don't know why it's taking me so long to finish I just haven't hit a good reading groove yet.
Dreaming of// More rain and how soothing it sounds and how good the air smells after a good downpour.
Eating// All the sweets. It's horrible. Between Girl Scout Cookies, Kinsey's birthday and Valentine's Day, I just can't kick the sugar. Anyone been on the Sugar Detox? I need an intervention!
Learning// To be more patient with the girls. Both have gotten into some "ages and stages" that are new and not exactly the cutest. Deep breaths, deep breaths... 
Wishing// The crazy summer weather would just quit. I know my boots and scarves still have more wear in them and I miss them.
Obsessed with// My new Steve Madden Sneakers. So comfy!
Loving// Spending some extra time on Pinterest lately, hence the new "Pinning prompt".
Planning// Some fun preschool curriculum for Miss Kinsey.
Pinning// Spring and Easter activities.
Wearing// Summer clothes. And I'm not happy about it. One. Bit. I don't wear tank tops, I only have a handful of tee shirts. I'm a layering kind of girl. Always have been always will. (Ok, so rereading that sounds like the makings of a great Country song. Anyone else feeling that?! Haha!) 
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  1. New ages and stages and not exactly the cutest! I LOVE that. It's so true. I'm ready for summer clothes. Send some sunshine our way. It's been so raining here recently.

  2. There's something about a good ole rainy day that is just soothing! We haven't had much rain lately, because of winter, but we haven't had much snow either.

  3. While I'm ready for warmer weather, I'm not ready for summer clothes either. I much prefer spring and fall temps, especially for fashion!

  4. And that's where we differ. I love summer clothes. They are just far more comfy in my opinion! I do love feeling more trendy once fall rolls around, but can't beat summer shorts, tank tops, and flip flops!!

  5. Well tank tops are my jam so that'll be interesting in Maryland. I have like 3 long sleeves...maybe 4. And not a single pair of warm shoes unless you count my running shoes.

  6. What happened to this epic El Nino we were supposed to experience this winter? So far that's been nothing but a major bust. I'm with you, give me a good rainy day and some comfy, cozy clothes! I'm SO OVER wearing summer stuff!

  7. I need to work on my patience as well - it is certainly wearing thin lately. Kids certainly know how to push every button imaginable. I'm actually happy with the warmer weather, but I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind already. One day it's in the 60s, the next day its in the 30s. I never know what to wear anymore!

  8. You have your Girl Scout cookies already?! Color me jealous!

  9. I'd gladly trade you for a week of warm sunny weather.... although I wore a tank and sandles outside on Saturday since it was in the 70's yesterday, 30's. Talk about unfair.

  10. Lots of deep breaths, my friend. I struggle with patience every day!
    I have yet to hit a good reading groove this year. I just feel like there's so much else I should be doing!
    Hope you're having a great week!

  11. Girl we need to move! I like layering and scarves too and this weather is not doing it for me! Luckily (?) it's cold at work so I can still layer a bit and be ok inside :) Weekends though are another story!
    Oh and I would be NO help on a sugar detox diet! I'm obsessed with sweets and am looking forward to See's candy's Easter stuff coming out!

  12. What? Summer clothes? Trade ya!!

  13. I totally get being sick of the weather... but I'm jealous haha! We have a high of like 32* here today. :(

    Love the new sneakers! I've been pondering purchasing a pair like that!

  14. It was such a short winter season!! I mean, it's in the low 60s here this week, but last week it reached like 76 or so! Love those Steve Madden shoes!

  15. Deep breaths all around girlfriend!!!!!!!!! Seriously deep breaths. A few days ago, I made sure the kids were distracted & focused so I could go to my room and scream into a pillow. It felt so good that I did it twice. When I lifted up from the second scream, Lily was standing in my threshold. "What was that noise mommy?" :)


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