Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today You are Five

Happy Birthday, Kinsey Olivia
Today you are five.
When you were too small
To tell me hello,
I knew you were someone
I wanted to know.
For all of your tininess 
Couldn't disguise
A heart so enormous...
And wild...
and wise.
This is the first time
There's ever been you,
So I wonder what wonderful things
You will do.

~Emily Winfield Martin

And for some nostalgia, the past two years as recorded on this blog:
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  1. Oh man all the good feelings from this. Such a sweet post. Happy birthday sweet girl!


  2. Happy birthday Kinsey! Love the past pictures. Watching them grow is crazy!

  3. Awwww, so sweet! Happy, Happy birthday!

  4. Such a sweet post for such a sweet girl. I hope you had an awesome day of celebrating!

  5. Such a sweet post for such a sweet girl. I hope you had an awesome day of celebrating!

  6. I can feel the love just seeping out of this most!! HEre's wishing her a truly wonderful year!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! Your first! I hope she had a wonderful day celebrating

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Happy, happy birthday sweet Kinsey!

  9. So, so sweet. And I'm tearing up a bit. Babies growing up is so bittersweet.
    Happiest of Birthday little lady!!

  10. All the heart eyes! Happy birthday Kinsey! Love seeing her comparison pics ❤️

  11. What a beautiful poem and such sweet pictures. Crazy how fast five years flies! Happy birthday to Kinsey :)

  12. Happy Birthday K! This was the sweetest little post!


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