Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Currently // July

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Watching// The remake of The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan with Kinsey. I'm looking forward to watching the original with her now!
Reading// I remember when Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary first came out and seeing a display at our local bookstore (which has since been shutdown, such a pity) so being "old enough" to read this feels like a great achievement. And probably is the sole highlight of this venture. I was little impressed and will say that the movie is definitely better. 
American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis was hilarious! Several of the short stories resonated with me and several were bizarre but still very entertaining. I will say I picked this book up at the library because the cover tickled my fancy and I'm very glad that gamble paid off! Ironic how both the author's names are Helen, right?! 
I was able to sneak in a third book this month (I'm shocked too) Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project: A Novel. This was such a great read! It was funny and educational and the main character, Don Tillman, was awesome. It is an unconventional love story that really made me feel good during and after reading. Do yourself a favor and read this book!
Dreaming of// What this new year will look like (I know I'm not the only one out there, come on Teachers, that thinks the real calendar begins in August ;)
Eating// S'mores flavored everything. It's a problem.
Going// To Great America!
Loving// The last care-free days of summer vacation.
Planning// PTA shenanigans. Let me just say, after the dream of being a mom and then being a SAHM, being in the PTA is like UP there for me. I'm very excited for this experience!
Pinning// How to wear LuLaRoe. I may have gotten in over my head...
Praying// It's a prayer list guys! For my Papa who is in the hospital due to having multiple strokes within two days. For the Firefighters fighting the Carmel/Big Sur fire. That the school/ work transitions go well. 
Texting// BBFF (blog best friend forever, duh) Amanda. You don't even know how long it took me to get up the nerve to ask for her number. Aaaand I totally sound like a teenage boy.
Wearing// Tees and sneakers. All day every day.
Wishlist// Has anyone else fallen IN LOVE with all the fall clothes?! Just me?

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  1. Oh Great America! We haven't been in years!

    The PTA?! Tell me all about it?! When does school start?

  2. ONG I can't wait to be on the PTA too! Are we officially old and lame? And yes, making friends as an adult does feel like dating!

  3. Praying along with you for your Papa and the firefighters. And you are making me want the smores drumstick for breakfast!

  4. So sorry about your papa! Enjoy the last of summer!

  5. Fist bumps for currently posts and I am so glad that I can say I "set you two up" when I introduced you too Amanda. I knew you'd get along great :). Praying for your papa friend.

  6. lol about being a teenage boy and asking for her number! The PTA makes me cringe. Must be my anti social tendencies coming through. I'm excited for Aria to like movies with people...actors in them, not animated. They don't keep her interest right now. I wish fall clothes were a thing here! =( They are my fave. sniff.

  7. I love both of the parent traps movies! So fun!

  8. So sorry to hear about your papa. Praying he has a full and speedy recovery. And I've been thinking about you with those fires. We're getting the smoke all the way up here so it must be really bad down there. Stay safe!

  9. Oh we always took the boys to Great America when they were little....precious memories and LOVE the water park there too!! Praying for papa sweet lady!!

  10. Praying for your papa! You're going to be a great PTA mom rockin that LLR!

  11. Mmm, s'mores. I remember seeing the Parent Trap in theaters and then thinking I wanted to be like Lindsay Lohan. Thank goodness that didn't happen! :) I am actually looking forward to being on the PTA when that time comes. My mom was always really involved in our school and I loved it.

  12. I have not been able to find those s’mores cones anywhere!! So frustrated! So, instead, I am just continuing to devour a pint of B&J’s s’mores ice cream on a weekly basis. Tees and sneakers - yes! Me too. But, then again, tees are all that really fit me these days, haha.

  13. As a teacher, I completely agree with you when you said that the real calendar begins in August! AMEN! My kids have been LOVING the Parent Trap this summer. I recorded it on the DVR at the beginning of summer and they have watched it several times. Have a great day!

  14. Those all look like some great reads! Adding them all to 'the list.'
    I can't even wrap my head around the idea of Fall clothes, yet. It's just TOO hot!
    The s'mores drumsticks have been on repeat the past few nights. So. Darn. Good.

  15. You are so cute!!! I'm so glad you got Amanda's number!
    YES to s'mores everything. It's a TOTAL problem. I bought another box of those drum sticks and ATE THEM ALL MYSELF. Oops!
    And LuLaRoe?? Are you buying? Selling? I really want one of those new Carly dresses!

  16. Love your excitement over the PTA! And lots & lots of prayers for your Papa!!!

  17. Aww, love how excited you are about PTA. Here it is called PTO and I couldn't attend because it's during the middle of the day at 1pm. And the school is a good 20 minutes from us. So that would be like 3 hours out of my work day. I couldn't swing it and was so bummed. Lots of prayers for your Papa!


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