Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Birthday Exchange 2016 {Brielana's Surprise}

When Liz told me about the Summer Birthday Exchange I knew Brielana and I had to be involved!

We got to shop for Laureen and Tyson and though I won't tell you what we got him, I will say I had a blast wrapping and putting together his package ;) Here's a sneak peek: 
If you want to see the goods, pop on over to Laureen's blog! I will give a little spoiler and say that he LOVED it, because I received the sweetest Facebook comment thanking us for everything :) And that pretty much made my day.

Our giftee's were Natasha and Ethan and they got Brielana two of her very favorite things: two Little Golden Books and a Fisher Price Little People Disney set.
If you should know anything about us it is that we are huge bookworms and Little Golden Books are one of my obsessions. We have some from when Brian was little (thanks Lisa for great foresight!) and a vintage Cinderella copy that I prize. Adding these two titles to our collection is beyond special.
When Brielana opened the Little People she prompting said, "Snow White!" And hugged it to her chest, haha. Close enough ;) And then she introduced Jasmine and Aladdin to the rest of the Princesses.

Thank you Natasha and Ethan! You sure did make Brielana happy!

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  1. Awww sweet girl! I love that she hugged the Little People. That's adorable. Golden Books are the best. My grandma kept all of hers and has passed them to me. So special.

  2. Such a good idea, this exchange! I love the Little Golden Books as well, such a great thing to collect especially nowadays!

  3. So glad she loved the books, they were my favorite growing up too! xo

  4. Oh my goodness, so super cute! :) Loved those books growing up too. Classic staple.

  5. Those little people princesses are just so stinking cute. They came out with all of those shortly after my girls out grew them :(.

  6. I love it! We have that castle too, and Aladdin and Jasmine are the only 2 we don't have yet :) We love little golden books too. I just recently started buying them for Reese!

  7. We adore Golden Books too!! We have quite a few from both mine and my husbands childhood! Love!!

  8. Elin loves that little mommy book! We have been reading it every night. I love the the sweet pictures.

  9. I LOVE when our kids are gifted books. They're the best!!
    And I popped over to Laureen's blog. You NAILED it with the boy gifts!!

  10. Oh my gosh, DYING!!!!! How CUTE is she? That hug? I die. Dead. I'm SO happy she loved all her stuff so much and that you guys were able to participate this time! I need to check out Laureen's blog to see what you got Tyson but I saw the Facebook comment and I think he LOVED it.
    Happy birthday sweet girl! xo

  11. Haha, Snow White... Close enough! I love that little people doll house she has!

  12. Love how happy she looks! That pic of her hugging jasmine is too cute! Priceless :)

  13. We love the Little Golden books. I had so many of them growing up!

  14. I am blown away by all the Summer birthdays!

  15. What a fun exchange! The books were perfect for you guys! I am sad we had to miss this one (vacation!).


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