Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Or alternatively know as "this place is a piece of trash." -Kinsey

Let's start with some backstory, shall we? Brian loves Egyptology and was a big fan of The Mummy movies which we came across on Netflix recently. Kinsey begged to watch them and was really into them (the girl also loves Jurassic World, she has many tastes) so I thought it'd be awesome to go to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and get in some real life learning. This was our first time going.

And quite possibly our last.

I spent a few days before our mini road trip, printing out fun things off their site and creating our own little scavenger hunt just to drum up excitement. I spent wayyy too much time physically cutting and pasting but was feeling super prepared smug. I even checked the Weather app on my phone to make sure we were dressed appropriately. 
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
I had all the bases covered and I was sitting pretty. Too pretty. Because as soon as we arrived IT began. Holy cow is San Jose h-o-t. I am used to a high of 68 with a cold ocean breeze the majority of the year, so that oppressive city heat gets me twisted. Thankfully there was free parking and it wasn't crowded. We walked through a side little garden and found this cool statue and hieroglyphs and then made it to the main entrance. 
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
The entrance is so gorgeous!
Let me preface this by saying I didn't get a whole lot of pictures inside. It was sooo dark (to preserve the antiquities) and no flash was allowed (not that I ever use flash anyway) and someone was more interested in running around and getting reprimanded by docents, haha.
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
A reproduction of Tutankhamen sarcophagus. 
A baboon mummy
A kitten mummy
They're sitting the same way, ha!
Walk like an Egyptian
Brian was having a good ole time taking a million pictures. Brielana was just along for the ride. And I was studiously checking off things from my homemade Scavenger Hunt, because it had to be used! 
It took us maybe a little over an hour to go through all the rooms and it was clear Kinsey was not impressed. 
Me: "Did you like the museum?"
Kinsey: "It's a piece of trash museum."
Me: "What?! Why?"
Kinsey: "There weren't any mummies walking around popping out at me."

And there you have it. Pop culture movies have ruined our youth ;) I was dying laughing. The girl is too much. After that slight disappointment we raised our spirits with lunch at Mimi's Cafe and did some shopping at the Outlets. Because retail therapy always helps.

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  1. I kind of hate you for your average temps right now..... SERIOUSLY. We are sitting at like 90 some degrees and that isn't even considering the heat index which might make it feel like 110-115! Then in the winter it may be like 15 degrees out. There is NO average here anything goes.

    That said. Baha ha ha! It's a piece of trash museum. I must admit though, her way would make it a heck of a lot more interesting.

  2. Okay, hold up, wait a minute...your average temps are a breezy 68 degrees? JEALOUS! It's triple digits here. Ugh, Texas!

    This place is a piece of trash!??? Oh Kinsey! So funny. I love that she thought there would be mummies walking around. How cute is that! All of these pictures are great! Can’t wait to see what you guys got at the outlets!

  3. Looks like a cool museum! I am jealous of your weather as well! 68 and breezy sounds perfect!!!!!

  4. Hahahaha! I love Kinsey's response :D It definitely looks like a cool place though. I'm still laughing about her comment :) That made my day.

  5. Connor has been known to "ruin" outings thanks to over the top opinion.

  6. haha, no mummies popping out! I love it! And love that you printed out your own scavenger hunt, love it. My oldest loves the Mummy movies too. It's super hot here today...I don't think we're going to see temps below 85 till Halloween, wahh! So I feel ya on the heat index.

  7. Kinsey is hilarious! I love that she was totally expecting mummies to pop out at her.
    I side with Brian though. Egyptology has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. That place looks really cool!

  8. That looks like such a fun place to visit! Kinsey's piece of trash comment cracked me up!

  9. This place is a piece of trash! LOL!!!! I literally laughed out loud.
    I think it looks fun and educational though I am with Kinsey and museums aren't my preferred destination. But I don't usually call them trash at the end either hahaha!

  10. Lol I just can't even. I'm trying to pick myself off the floor... 'it's trash'. Seriously, where do they come up with these things.

  11. bahaha. Best comment ever. Noted, don't let Aria watch the Mummy movies before any mummy museums. I wonder how she'd like the Smithsoniansss. Whenenever we visit Chris' parents we usually hit up the Natural history museum because I love that shit. I'm not so sure about Aria though lol. That's trash ha.

  12. Now that you posted pictures I actually do want to go. But yeah, bummer about the lack of live mummies wandering around ;) I love Kinsey's reaction. I'm guessing she's either an all out love it or hate it girl without a lot of middle ground. And so funny about the weather. I feel like it's cooler here than what I'm used to. We have had some hot days though, but then I go to Modesto and think, never mind, that wasn't hot after all.

  13. OMG!!! That is hilarious! Where do kids get these thing?! It sounds like something Mac would say too. We haven't tried taking him to a museum because we can't afford to pay for all the priceless artifacts he'd surely destroy. ;)


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