Thursday, May 25, 2017

Month 6 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}

How far along: Second Trimester :: Weeks 21- 25
Size of baby: Grapefruit
Weight gain: 162 pounds // 22 pounds gained. So a thing happened- I gained 9 pounds in 4 weeks. I don't know how I feel about this. Actually, I'm a bit horrified. I did some research by looking at Brielana's old 6 month update and apparently I had gained 10 pounds with her; I've come to the realization 6 months is when my babies grow the fastest. And that's my story, I'm sticking to it.
Maternity clothes: I'm trying to prepare my wardrobe for summer which is tricky in and of itself as our summer's are unpredictable. I think I'll wait a couple of more weeks before investing in tank tops but I'm pretty much done with buying anymore maternity wear.
Movement: Predictable movements around 10-11a and all manners of night time shenanigans.
Sleep: Still good. I've found I can still sleep comfortably on my back (why is that bad to do again? haha.)
What I miss: Feeling comfortable in my own skin. I adore being pregnant but growing a human is tough physically and mentally.
Cravings: All the fruits. Veggies with Ranch.
Symptoms: My back has started to hurt and every few days Baby Boy decides to stretch out my insides making things very uncomfortable. Heartburn is becoming a daily nuisance. Oh and joy, I coughed and peed. Gotta remember to cross my legs ;) 
Highlight of the Month: Liz sent me the biggest box of baby clothes and it seriously made my heart so happy. Thank you friend!
Month 6 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}
Week 21
Month 6 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}
Week 22
Month 6 Bumpdate {Baby Boy}
Week 24

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  1. You look amazing sweet friend!! I rememeber gaining a decent amount at the 6 month mark too. Ha ha! I wanna see what Liz sent. ;)

  2. You look so great, such a cute little bump!! :)

  3. You look wonderful!!!!! Perfect little bump! XO

  4. I have been gaining so much more with my boy too! But you look great! Don't let the scale mess with your head!

    1. Thank you Tori!! You are so right; I did have a week of whining but Im back to feeling great again, and that mental shift really makes a difference!

  5. You are still looking fabulous! Try papaya enzymes for the heart burn!

  6. Ok, you are like THE cutest pregnant lady!!! I love it!
    And I am so, so glad I was able to send you those things!
    (side note: apparently I started this comment last night and then forgot to post it LOL. so hopefully it didn't post twice!)

  7. And the winner of the cutest bump goes to you friend. Adorable!!!

  8. You are truly the cutest. That bump is adorable. I know growing a little human is tough stuff, and makes some days tricky to feel 'normal,' but all that said, you are gorgeous.

  9. How adorable are you friend?? I am loving that baby bump on you!


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