Friday, October 13, 2017

Growing up Clark // first month edit

The first month always goes by so quickly but also feels like a hard won battle due to sleepless nights, crazy feeding schedules and general life-living. It is a crazy- hectic, sacred- beautiful phase of life that I cherish and am blessed to have experienced three-fold (or thrice, as Kinsey likes to say.) This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase using one I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!
Growing up Clark // first month edit
Birth weight: 8.11 — Current weight: 11.7 = 84th percentile
**Let that sink in: Clark has almost gained a pound a week this first month!! I’ve never had a chunky baby, its mind blowing. 
For comparison: Kinsey’s birth weight 7.12 at one month 9.10
Brielana’s birth weight 7.12 at one month 9.7
Birth length: 20.5 — Current 22.5? (measured at one week old. Yup, grew two inches in a week!) = 99th percentile

Clark is a very serious baby. He has this furrowed brow expression that makes him look very concerned the majority of the day. He also has an amazing double chin that he likes to tuck into, its pretty darling. I would say he’s our needy baby- is that a boy thing?
Growing up Clark // first month edit
I’m still trying to figure out who Clark looks like. He has Brian’s hair line (though he denies it, men.) and my ears. His facial features are so similar to both Kinsey and Brielana, its amazing. He has blue eyes. Brian and I are 0 for 3 on the brown eyed baby front. Who would have guessed?

Poor baby has been seen by the doctor every week for random ailments. First there was a weird rash (which resolved itself in 48 hours), a clogged tear duct, then a staph infection on his finger which was yucky but is now fully healed. And then a seborrheic dermatitis condition (think cradle cap, which both sisters had for years, but on his beautiful face.) Mama apologizes now for giving you bad skin. Maybe he’ll be lucky and gets it all out of the way now? ;)
Growing up Clark // first month edit
Forever grateful for God’s blessing of a little boy. In the words of Ne-yo from The Princess and the Frog, “you're the best thing I never knew I needed.” 

Growing up Clark // first month edit


Solly wrap- Wear all the babies!!! It's how I get stuff done when I need both hands.
Snap tops- So easy to put on and they look adorable.
Mustela foam shampoo- Love this foam shampoo!
Vaseline- Add another use for this old time staple, diaper cream. It does a wonderful job protecting delicate skin from rash.
booties- these June & January booties stay put!!! Doesn't get better than that, amiright?! **Bonus- use my referral link and get 15% off a $50 first-time purchase!**
Cloud Island reverse zipper footie pjs (not pictured)- this is a game-changer when it comes to middle-of-the-night diaper changes! The zipper is at the bottom of the pjs so baby doesn't get completely naked (and cold) and is less disturbed making going back to sleep easier.

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  1. Happy Mirthday sweet baby boy. He is a BIG boy too. My friends 8 month old just broke 13lbs.... shes kind of on the opposite side of the scale :P.

  2. The cat and jack sleepers have the reverse zipper too and they are the best! Seriously.Total game changer.

    I've also always used vaseline for diaper changes too! Though I've been using butt paste this time around because I was given a HUGE tub of it!

    And Finn is shaping up to be a chunker too- he gained almost a pound a week between his check ups also. He SAILED right past his birth weight haha. The pedi was like "at this point we like to see them back up to birth weight...but're good" ha!

    Happy 1 month, Clark!!

  3. One month!!!! Soooo fast! He’s so cute. And I’m glad the J+J booties stay on, we def need a pair. You’d think by the third kid I’d know they don’t need the actual shoes I keep buying... cozy booties from here on out!

  4. We use Vaseline on CJ so often when he was little because it was the perfect fix for all things.

  5. How in the world is that baby boy already 1 month? I love those little milestone cards and his sweet face. Oh my word! Praying for a healthier month with less doctor visits. Sweet baby!

  6. A month? Doesn't seem possible!
    Grow, baby, grow!! I love a good chunky babe!! And, while I thought Marcus was needy (compared to Julia, he's not), he's my serious one. I'm wondering if that's not a "boy thing."

  7. He's just perfect. And wow on that growth! I've never had a chunky baby either, but I think they're the cutest. So crazy none of your babes have brown eyes. Back in middle school I remember in science class they said if one parent has brown eyes the baby will too because it's a dominant trait. Clearly I was lied to!


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