Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Growing up Clark // five month edit

Here we are another month older!
Growing up Clark // five month edit
Weight | 17 pounds, guesstimate
Height | 25 inches, guesstimate

You're rolling over and can not be trusted on your own. So long bathroom trips. I kid, sort of.

Forget rolling over, you want to sit up and run around already (to keep up with your sisters). You do crunches when you're lying on your back because you want a better view of your surroundings.

We’ve hit another night time regression but I'm pretty sure its due to teething pains. Nursing soothes but at mama’s expense.
Growing up Clark // five month edit

I think another growth spurt is imminent; size 6 month pants are starting to get tight, sad face.

You have a ticklish back and getting you to laugh is my main mission in life.
Growing up Clark // five month edit
so much blur but so dang cute
Grabbing all the things to your sister’s delight and dismay, because long hair.

You are such a sweet, good natured baby until you need to be held and then its very loud crying.

You are so good at putting yourself to sleep. Sound machine on, paci in, a couple of head turns and then out. I never knew baby’s could do that. I literally rocked the girls until they were two years old. Touché.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that cheesy grin!!! So cute!

  2. Sweet baby boy! I adore how chunky and big he is. I love a good, solid baby. That smile is just too much.

  3. SUCH a cutie!! Can't believe he is already five months old!

  4. Look at that smile! He is getting so big already!

  5. Your good sleeper has me SO jealous. I'm STILL battling bedtime with Julia.


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