Friday, February 16, 2018

Tiny Letters 2.18

Joining Kristin for one of my favorite link ups, Little Letters!
Tiny Letters 2.18 from the blog Work it Mommy
Dear Family, 
I would be lost without you. I can't believe Kinsey just turned seven (SEVEN!) Brielana, you are hilarious, Clark a doll and Brian, my other half; we may not have all our ish together but together we have it all.
Tiny Letters 2.18 from the blog Work it Mommy
Dear lavender essential oil, 
Bless you. I mixed up a simple room spray and have been going spritz crazy. The girls request it at bedtime and I happily oblige. I love Plant Therapy for my EOs.

Dear Mossimo Supply Ruffle tops,
These (link) tees are everything. Super soft and comfy but with an added ruffle to dress it up a bit, I've been living in them.
Tiny Letters 2.18 from the blog Work it Mommy
Dear Healthy Living app,
Kristin actually introduced me to this app and it is so much fun! Thank goodness my skin products rated well because I was having low-level anxiety over having to possibly switch them out.

Dear new hair cut,
I love you. I got the “mom lob” and chopped off about 6 inches. It feels amazing. My curls are springier, my prep time is like 5 minutes(if that) and now there’s less of it for Clark to pull and chew (gum) on. 
Tiny Letters 2.18 from the blog Work it Mommy
Dear Reading, 
I'm so glad you're hanging around. I've had an extra-productive January and knocked out six books. Making time to read just makes me a happier person.

Dear decluttering ,
Getting rid of all the extra nonsense stuff has been super invigorating. I wouldn't call myself a pack-rat by any means but some of the things I have been holding onto is baffling. Bye Felicia!
Tiny Letters 2.18 from the blog Work it Mommy
How is February treating you?
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  1. We have been on the decluttering train also and it feels so, so awesome!!

  2. I have a new thing... if I haven't used it in a year, it's going! I've been to Goodwill every other week since after Christmas.

  3. Friend!!!!! That family picture is just precious and I love it so. I ordered a few of those kid oils when you posted about them before. Love them! Especially that Immune Boom this time of year. Your new haircut is so flattering on you.

  4. So much to love here friend. Especially your sweet family. Emily turns 7 on Wednesday and I am just sick over it. Your hair is perfection.


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