Tuesday, April 26, 2016

thredUP {my new obsession}

I like shopping as much as the next girl but I'm also a touch frugal, enter thredUP, my new obsession. I first heard about it from Liz and got really intrigued by it from Becky, so when a friend posted on Facebook a $20 credit for signing up, I was sold. Affiliate links used. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!
thredUp, an online consignment store for women and children

But what is it? thredUP is a service that takes your old clothes and resells them in which you get shop credit or you can request a payout. The items that don't meet their strict criteria {you can read more about that here} are donated or responsibly recycled. So, in a nutshell, an online consignment store for women and children's clothing.

When I first started searching the site I was getting so overwhelmed by all the inventory. Becky recommended searching by brand and I've been hooked ever since. Also utilize the filters by searching for specific sizes to decrease inventory even more. My favorite part is getting a good deal on older/past season clothes.

Ready to purge your closet? Request a Clean Out bag. It is completely free but only one Clean Out bag can be in your possession at a time, no worries though because one bag can hold A LOT. Send a filled Clean Out bag back free of charge using FedEx or the USPS. In my experience the sorting process took a couple of weeks and that was with 4 other bags being ahead of mine. Once it was processed I received an email breaking down what items they had kept and how much I was credited. I'm currently filling up Clean Out bag #2 and have a better sense of what to send in and what to just toss.

Clean out your closet and get paid to do it!
Responsibly upcycle old clothes by keeping them out of landfills
The price points on clothing is great
New merchandise is added every day

Shipping costs $11.99, ugh. But it's a flat rate so buying more than one thing is a good idea.
The payout was not that great. Out of 13 items thredUP kept 11 and I received $12 and change. Granted the clothes I sent in were not being worn and just taking up space, I'm sure if I had tried selling them myself I could have gotten more but I loathe garage sales, so this is still preferable in my opinion. 

So what did I get with my credit?
thredUP, an online consignment store for women and children
This adorable Gap polka dot sweater and purple cardigan! *Hashtag Gap for Life* And this is how I styled them:
styling a polka dot sweater from thredUP
skinny belt (similar), Old Navy
glitter gold loafers, Gap
 styling a Gap cardigan from thredUP
skinny jeans, Gap
sneakers, Steve Madden

I also went against my rule of ordering more than one thing because I had been eyeing this leopard belt for dayssss and my Clean Out bag credit was burning a hole in my pocket... anyone else get like that? I also apologize for my blindingly pale skin and dirty mirror, yikes.
styling a leopard belt thredUP review
Sevenly tee

Want to try thredUP for yourself? If you use my referral link here we both get $10 shop credit! And if you have any questions, I'll try my hardest to answer them! 

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  1. LOVE that polka dot sweater. I've purchased from Thred Up a couple of years ago. To be honest, I forgot a bit about them...ooops!

  2. I seriously need to get a clean out bag and get it all done. I love that polka dot sweater so much. Looks so good on you. :)

  3. Great finds! I love the leopard belt!! I agree that the payout is frustrating... but I love buying from them!

  4. I always just donate my clothes when I am done with them, but I've always been interested in ThredUp. Will have to check this out when I find the time!

  5. I've purchased a number of things from ThredUp for the boys! Though I've never sold anything....perhaps I need to try that!!

  6. I just signed up for ThredUp the other day but have yet to browse their site yet. You got such cute stuff! LOVE that polka dot sweater.

  7. I've heard so much, but I've never used it. I think I may have to grab your credit! I am about to CLEAN OUT my closet!

  8. Oh girl the things you picked are just my style!! IN LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  9. I was really wanted this to me a great deal but I don't think it is or will be for me. I wanted to use them for Connor's clothes. I guess I'll stick to consignment shops.

  10. Love the sweaters and I adore the tee and belt. Can you please come pick clothes out for me?

  11. I am glad I stumbled upon this post through the linkup because I have seen ThredUp, but was curious how it worked. Thanks for your honest opinion. Do you have to sell in order to purchase, or can you join just to buy?

  12. I had never heard of that. They have such cute things! What an awesome idea!

    1. It is seriously addicting looking through all the cute clothes! Have fun shopping :)

  13. So I have a love/hate relationship with them, for reasons that you mentioned. Their shipping is ridiculous! Half the time I don't find enough for free shipping and you know how much I HATE paying for shipping. So, I have a credit on there from forever ago because I can't ever find enough for free shipping. Also, I noticed that they don't pay much for your bag. I've been disappointed the past couple times and have been thinking about just donating for the tax write off... but I haven't done that yet either and it's so easy to just drop the bag off at the post office...

  14. I ordered a bag from Thred Up, but then kept hearing about the bad payout, so I threw the bag away...but I could/should do some shopping! Love that polka dot sweater you got!

  15. I so need to try this! I always love the things that Becky gets from thredUP. And I am loving what you got as well! That belt is awesomesauce!

  16. I really need to utilize this service. If nothing more than to clean out my own closet, because like you - garage sales, blech. You've scored some great pieces though!! But that shipping. OUCH.

  17. Sounds like a fun place to buy from minus the ridic shipping but I don't know about selling. Seems like pennies per item, pretty lame. Love the polka dot sweater you got though.

  18. ThredUp is awesome! I love mailing in my Clean Out bag :)

  19. OOHH, $12 for 13 items? That doesn't sound promising! I just sent a bag in and got a notification that they wouldn't go through it for another month. Sheesh! I love the items you picked though. I love shopping with thredUp!


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