Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Boss Babe Podcasts // Listen

I go through "phases" of my podcast listening and have been really digging into business-minded women entrepreneurs who give actionable steps. These Boss Babes are incredibly inspiring!
Boss Babe Podcasts // Listen on Work it Mommy blog

I could listen to Julie Solomon's voice all day, she sounds so sincere and her timbre is calm and soothing. She asks her guests probing questions and really brings attention to the journey/conception of a product or company.

I love Allie Reeve's energy, she gets me hyped up with her fast talking!

Jenna Kutcher is everywhere, right? Seems like she knows what she's doing and I enjoy her advice. I was introduced to her on The Purpose Podcast by my girl, Allie Casazza before I realized she had her own; I'm not ashamed to say I would follow Allie off a cliff 😅

The newest podcaster I just started listening to, Miranda has such a sweet and sincere outlook on life, I really enjoy her vibe.

Another voice that I could listen to allllll day. I appreciate Amy's can-do encouragement and practical step-by-step advice.

Her theme song makes me happy. She sings it herself! Alison and her husband are fun and upbeat.

What are you listening to?

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  1. Thanks! I have a long drive tomorrow so I needed some fresh ideas! I usually do Goal Digger and Rachel Hollis's


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