Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Hello, October! My favorite month consists of so many good things and the beginning of good things that I just can't contain my joy. Joining Anne for her Currently link up.
Arranging |
We rearranged out living room layout last month to make room for a love seat and recliner and even with two new pieces of furniture the room feels bigger. We oriented the length of the room (previously we have bisected the room "in half" by anchoring our couch in the center and having two small areas) and now the love seat sits right in front of the fireplace and it is just so cozy! I'm not a huge rearranger by nature but every once in a while an idea strikes and execution goes flawlessly haha. Excited to get into proper fall weather and get some fires going, curl up under some blankets and e-n-j-o-y.

Loving |
My Crock pot! I have made some new soup recipes and my favorite chili already and I'm just getting started. Any yummy recipes you'd like to throw my way? 

Embracing |
The beginning of the last quarter of the year. The change of seasons.
The blessed cooler weather.
There is magic to be had over the next three months!

Purchasing |
Beautycounter gave us a preview of the Holiday collection and I am so excited!! The colors are gorgeous and the range of gifts is amazing- there's a product and price-point for everyone. Stocking up on some of my must-haves now!

Sharing |
Eleven years of marriage on October 11th. Every year I am in awe of what God has given to me to steward and cherish and work towards; marriage is consistent work that pays back tenfold what is put into it. I remember being a new blogger and following a marriage blog that put such an emphasis on marriages that last 10+ years and thinking, "yes, we are headed there." And now being HERE is a beautiful, powerful  fulfillment. Hard days, bad days, through sickness and health, choosing Brian was the best yes I ever said.  

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  1. Ooh I love how you put that "There is magic to be had over the next three months" - so true! Starting with my son's birthday in October here, and then so much good family tradition time during November/December. I love the idea of remembering it as "magic" even when it gets crazy busy. Thanks for that :)

    And happy anniversary this month. So great!

  2. Congrats on 11 years!
    I love my crock pot, but it's still too hot around here to even think of soups! I tried to have one after a Friday night football game, but it was way too hot outside to even enjoy. I hope for cooler days soon!!

  3. I love it when a house change works out perfectly! And I am loving this season! :)

  4. Oh, I love crockpot cooking! My favourite would have to be beef goulash. And what beautiful words you have written about marriage! Happy anniversary!

  5. The best thing about fall is that it is full blown crock-pot season. Have you tried South of the Border soup? I started with Taste of Home's recipe using chicken breasts instead of hamburger and tweaked it to my taste.

  6. Happy anniversary! I should really start busting out my crock pot again.



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