Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Maple Spice roasted pumpkin seeds

I have been a fan of roasted pumpkin seeds for as long as I can remember. But not just any old seeds, they 
have to come fresh out of a pumpkin that I carved. I will painstakingly comb through pumpkin guts, getting 
every last seed and then scrap the hallowed gourd clean. Nothing like being thorough.
Maple Spice roasted pumpkin seeds on Work it Mommy blog
We did the pumpkin decorating over the long weekend and true to my controlling nature (I'm at peace with it) 
I rolled up my sleeves, and got elbow-deep into some slimy pulp.

It took me maybe and hour to clean out three pumpkins and to carve out the pre-planned features of the girl's 
jack-o-lanterns (Kinsey's looks exactly the same as her drawing!!) but sadly, Clark's is just an empty shell, 
mama lost vision, haha.

Anyway, on to the food stuff! I usually just pick clean the errant strands of pulp, rinse with water using a colander 
and then let dry on a baking sheet before roasting. 

Well this year I got it in my head to make sweet seeds. And why I never thought of it before is a mystery. These 
sweet roasted pumpkin seeds are amazing!
Maple Spice roasted pumpkin seeds on Work it Mommy blog
Drizzle with real maple syrup, sprinkle on brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice and let roast in a 400F oven for 
10-15 minutes and let the aroma seep into the air.

Its basically a full senses experience. And I was not the only one who enjoyed these tasty morsels. That little 
hand was genuinely sneaking food from my shot, unprompted. If a two year old steals food, you know its good.
Maple Spice roasted pumpkin seeds on Work it Mommy blog
Sometimes I crack myself up

If you try these seeds, let me know how you like them!!
                                                                                                 Maple Spice roasted pumpkin seeds on Work it Mommy blog
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  1. I will have to try this soon! I can only imagine how amazing they are (and smell)!!


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