Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Thoughts on Simplifying the Season // Blog Hop

Thoughts on Simplifying the Season // Blog Hop on Work it Mommy blog
This marks the second Christmas that we have been living in Arkansas. The second round of holidays I have been without my mom and gramma. Brian without his mom and stepdad. Is it weird I still feel untethered? For the sake of sounding like a baby, I have never not been around my family and it feels completely unnatural.

I've been having to pep talk myself practically every day. It feels like a disconnect between my heart and soul to this season of Advent; and it sucks.

It sucks because it was a choice to move here. A choice to live in a more affordable place that more closely reflects our personal beliefs and family values. But doing so came at a cost I hadn't fully taken into account. 

{As I reread this post before publishing, I am made aware how juxtaposed these thoughts are in relationship to what Jesus accomplished on the cross at a cost He took solely on Himself. Wow. Humbled.

And so, as I prepare our home, my heart and my family's Christmas experience, I am taking this time to redirect my eyes to the manger where all gifts flow. Freely, without burden. Grace upon grace. Immanuel, God WITH us.

That, that, is simplifying the season for the better. 
Thoughts on Simplifying the Season // Blog Hop on Work it Mommy blog

I would like to thank Justine for including me in her blog hop. Please visit these other blogs for some insight into how they are Simplifying the Season this month:

Can I pray for you today? I would be honored.

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  1. Finally have a quick second to sit down and comment, whew! Life is crazy, huh? Especially during the holidays! Which is why I love to try my best to simplify during this hectic time. I love your insight and perspective in this post Whitney. Holidays without family are hard but it sounds like you're focusing on what's really important.


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