Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Eight Month Bumpdate // {Baby #4}

Somehow I skipped a month, oops! I guess it was bound to happen at some point 😅
How far along: Third Trimester :: Weeks 32-35
Size of baby: A pineapple
Weight gain: 174 pounds // 24 pounds
Maternity clothes: I broke down and got another pair of maternity jeans, the other two I've been wearing are awful; why are the full panel bands not full panel anymore? Something has changed since the last time I bought maternity jeans and I don't like it.
Movement: Still as active as ever! Just a little less room to work with.
Sleep: I've been taking a few naps during the day and that gets me through. I've realized while lying down in bed that my right side seems to acerbate my heartburn and my left side is worse with sciatica- woof. 
What I miss: Flexibility. My hamstrings are so tight any headway I had made with pilates is now gone and possibly reversed. My spine is also in a tight position. Looking forward to stretching everything back out.
Cravings: Coconut popsicles from Whole Foods.
Symptoms: Peeing has amped up, which I honestly thought couldn't possibly happen, haha. 
Highlight of the Month: We had our first ever maternity family photo shoot! I will most likely dedicate a blog post for posterity reasons :)
week 32

Eight Month Bumpdate // {Baby #4} on Work it Mommy blog
week 33

week 34

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