Thursday, July 14, 2016

July Festivities {The Picture Perfect Project #7}

This Picture Perfect Project is also going to be a Birthday/4th of July recap of sorts. All these pictures were taken on Independence day AKA Brielana's birthday except two but they are so darling I had to include them in this month's collage (they happen to be wearing patriotic clothes so it's still totally fitting.) 
Brielana had such a fun day celebrating her second birthday; it was filled with lots of sugar and family and ended with fireworks. I call that a special day indeed.

I made another sign keeping with last years picture-with-a-sign trend which you can see here.
This picture is all kinds of wonderful in my book. 
I was bound and determined to get a good fireworks shot this year.
Brielana insisted on wearing all her new clothes from her Auntie and cousins at the same time. I call this layered look "Bag Lady chic" but she pulls it off well ;)
I only realized after editing all of these that not a single picture is Brielana looking at the camera, ha! 

That is July! A special month for a special little lady.
Thank you for joining BethCourtneyDesireeElizabethStephanie and me for another installment of The Picture Perfect Project! Now add your link below! We'll be back next month on Thursday, August 11th.


  1. That cup cake, oh my goodness it looks like any girls dream if you ask me. LOVE the red, white and two, too! Such sweet girls you have.

  2. For whatever reason I can't see any of your photos :( Even on my phone...strange.

  3. These are all great photos but that one of Kinsey and the sparkler - AMAZING!

  4. oh hey I can see your post now! That is a major cupcake! I want one. Love the bag lady chic style. Excellent. So many cute pics!

  5. Ummm that sparkler shot is amazing!!!

    I love the sisters pictures, too!

  6. I am obsessed with your sparkler photo... Share your secrets!!!

  7. Yay it's fixed! I LOVE that sparkler photo...need to put on canvas or something!

  8. That firework photo is just sheer perfection!

  9. That firework picture is beyond amazing!! That massive cupcake is pretty up there too! :)

  10. The sparkler photo is seriously amazing!! Well done, momma!

  11. Friend! Your photography just keeps getting better and better. And your subjects keep getting cuter and cuter. That fireworks picture rocks my socks off!


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