Monday, September 8, 2014

Becoming a SAHM: Putting it into Practice Pt. 3

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With the first week of being a SAHM under my belt(!) I wanted to keep myself accountable and share how things went.  The good, the bad and the ugly:

{The Good}

With Brian back at work, Kinsey has reverted to her sweet, mama- loving self, thank you God.  It was heartbreaking to have her be so anti- mom when daddy was home.  We miss him, don't get me wrong, but it does my heart good to have our special bond back in place.  And then there's reinstated nap time {Angel's singing} and I have to say that is the highlight of my day, and not because of what you're thinking; I get to cuddle in the smallest, coziest bed, with BOTH of my babies, reading story books and getting a nap in for myself!  This thought crossed my mind the other day and it is so true, "you will cherish this memory for the rest of your life."  I'm literally making memories about nap time.  Too awesome (napping is my love language lol.)

We have officially started Home Preschool this week too.  The theme: Dinosaurs.  I may be more into it right now than Kinsey is, but she is slowly warming up.  Making this triceratops model may have something to do with the increased enthusiasm (painting is her love language.)

Brielana is settling into a nice nap/wake/play/feed routine so that helps me with spending undivided quality time with Kinsey.  And when in need, I just strap her into the Bjorn and get business done. 

We also accomplished our first outing without daddy to take Brielana to her 2 month Doctor's appointment.  It went very well; Kinsey behaved, Brielana barely cried when she was injected, and there was only a little snag when Kinsey had to use the restroom.  The in- office one was out of order so we had to go down the hall to use the public restroom and I passed off the baby to the nurses at the front desk.  They kindly offered to hold her and I accepted.  (This may be filed under "The Bad" depending on who you ask haha.)

{The Bad}

As much as I know I do best when dressed and ready in the morning before Kinsey wakes up, it has only happened twice this week:  1) I'm spoiled and getting up at 6:30a just seems too early and 2) when Kinsey does get up before me, she comes and cuddles in the bed.  And this is too sweet.  But I do plan on remedying this little set- back.  Especially since Brielana is wonderful and only night nurses 2 times :)

{The Ugly}

Where I'm all for the exercise and family bonding it entails, walking Stella with the whole gang makes for a sweaty, red-faced me.  And bending down to pick up doggy doo while wearing Brielana just looks and feels awkward.  And really dirty.

But I can't complain, this week really has been a blessing.  Next week, I'm going to attempt a Library trip (Kinsey's first which I feel guilty/ embarrassed about) and a Mall outing to return some things to Gap.  Wish me luck!  And any tips on juggling 2 minis at the Mall would be greatly appreciated!

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