Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dinosaur Curriculum

Our Preschool for One started almost 2 weeks ago and we have chugged right along: 

We started with a hands- on activity and made a plaster model of a triceratops.
You can't beat $8 bucks. The painting was her favorite part. Mine was reusing the plastic molds to shape kinetic sand into dino bones.

We used magnet alphabet letters to practice spelling.
Dinosaur preschool curriculum

The trip to the Library was a big success. All the Dinosaur books, please.

The Herbivore/Carnivore categorizing game was received better than I had imagined. I set out 6 herbivore and 6 carnivore cards and had her look at the pictures for clues on the dinosaurs eating habits.  She noticed right away the carnivores had sharp teeth and the herbivores had "no teeth" in their pictures.  It was hilarious and awesome to watch her match up the food to the dinosaur.

These flash cards were from Target Dollar Spot at the beginning of summer. Such a steal.

Drawing and journaling about the Dinosaurs. 

I get a kick out of her calling the Triceratops "Trixie" and the Tyrannosaurus "Rex" after Toy Story characters. These dinos were given to us by friends but were old Target Dollar Spot purchases. #Targetneverfails

And our finale, you ask?  A science experiment: an erupting volcano :)

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