Friday, September 19, 2014

Crafting with Nature

Kinsey is an outdoors kind of gal.  Ever since she was a baby being in the fresh air always soothed her. And nothing gets her going like playing in the dirt and with water. So when she started collecting sticks and rocks and other found treasures on our daily doggy walks, I wasn't the least surprised. 

What gave me a giggle is when she told me she was building a stick house like the 3 little pigs (a favorite book at the moment) and wanted to know how to make the sticks stick together. Equipped with a glue stick she began her project. When the sticks wouldn't stay together upright in a 3D model, she asked why. And that got me to thinking about investing in floral foam.
Using natural materials in arts and crafts isn't new but it adds a wonderful element in creative play. Not to mention its free. And tactil-ly pleasing. It also enhances observational skills and fosters a love for the outdoors.
crafting with nature
We also like to paint natural objects. And green is the color of the moment because it's "Gramma's favorite color." (And us Californians haven't seen much natural- occurring greens lately. Sad face.)
This is the same concept behind Story Stones and natural wood blocks. Lets start that love of nature early. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to be a Park Ranger or Conservationist? The future holds wonderful possibilities.

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