Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Months

How old: 5 months
Weight:  13.6 pounds {up 6 pounds.}
Length:  25 inches {up 6 inches}
Baby clothes: 3-6, 6 months size
Diaper size: Size 1
Sleep: Morning nap and evening nap are getting shorter.  Down to 1-2 night feedings, woohoo!
Feeding: Every 4+ hours.
Likes: Having her feet massaged.  Sucking on fingers, anyone's fingers. Having her tummy tickled. A social smile-r, as her great-gramma says, "She's just waiting for someone to look at her so she can smile at them."  She's a sweetheart. 
Dislikes: Being left alone.  So does her older sister for that matter lol.  We do things in a pack. Baby acne, though I'm pretty sure she doesn't care and it just bothers me a ton.
Milestones:  She has discovered her feet and likes to suck on her toes!  She's picked up a nickname "Nugget".  Thanks be to Daddy :)  Attempted to drink from a bottle the other day and loved gumming it.  What little water got into her mouth was promptly dribbled down the chin and onto the front of her pajamas.  Gotta start somewhere.

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