Monday, December 22, 2014

Just call me Scrooge


I am knee- deep in fun, festive Holiday plans that I just feel blah about.  Anyone else?  We watched Charlie Brown Christmas the other night and I totally related when Charlie Brown was telling Linus how he enjoys Christmas but gets depressed.  Bingo.  Even with everything so bright and shiny, it can be a little downer.   I like to partially blame the weather and the lack of sunshine but I also know its really just me.

I guess after all the decorating, and wrapping, and baking the hype wears off and then I wonder, what else?  And, am I creating enough wonderful memories for the girls?  I'm probably over thinking all of it, but it bothers me, nonetheless.
And why does an Elf have to cost $30?!  I remember the first year Elf on a Shelf was being sold in Target (2011, I believe) I was struck by how creepy it was; and now I'm on that bandwagon, pinning clever ideas on how to pose him and we don't even own one.  I'm shaking my head over the ridiculousness of it.  How easily I am made to believe we need an Elf to truly enjoy Christmas. I am not in any way begrudging anyone's Elf or family tradition of displaying their Elf!  I'm just a little surprised at myself for now wanting one so badly after being repulsed only 3 years ago. 

And don't get me started on the sad business of stripping down the tree and putting away all the decorations.  Its enough to get me in a fit just thinking about it!  Of course, with our minimal decorations, it will be easy enough.  #Silverlining... I'm trying ok?!

But since I don't like being Scrooge, I am praying for a better attitude, a refocusing on the importance of this Holiday (hello Jesus) and finding joy in the little things; daily cuddles, baby smiles, hot cocoa.  And baking.  Since eating cookies is always enjoyable.

Thanks for letting me rant.  It's just want I needed.  Or better yet, I should rewatch It's A Wonderful Life :)

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