Wednesday, October 7, 2015

15 Month Update

How old: 15 months
Weight: 19 pounds (up 12 pounds)
Length: 30 inches (up 11 inches) 
Diaper size: Size 3
Baby clothes: 12-18 months and some 9 months and 24 months thrown in (random, I know)
Shoes: size 3 or 18-24 months (though there is still room to grow)
Sleep: It has settled back down, thank goodness!  I am actually getting quality sleep again.
Eating: Only nurses at night.  New favorite foods this month- shredded coconut, freeze dried pineapple, and crock pot chili. She just enjoys eating in general! 
Likes: Still climbs on ALL THE THINGS and thank goodness she's tough because she tumbles off all the things too.  She gives the best wet kisses and her hugs are full body squeezes.  She insists on walking to Kinsey's room every morning and gets so excited when she sees her lying in bed.  Drinking water out of water bottles.  Animals and being outside.  She smiles and waves to everyone and makes friends at the grocery store. She still puts everything into her mouth, so help us!
Dislikes: Being told "no".  Not being able to get her hands on food fast enough.   
Milestones: She is starting to use a fork when eating, it's the cutest thing. And she's cut another tooth taking the total up to 13(!!!)
Words: Mom, mommy(!!!) but sounds more like mommeeee, hehe, daddy, dada, doggy, kitty, meow, Kinsey (ken-zie), baby (babeeee) eye (and will poke you too!).  Adding to the list is appies (apple) and nana (banana), not surprised they are food-related ;) Bye (bah) and papa.
Receptive Language: Brielana will point our body parts (nose, eyes, head) and will pull on her hair when asked "where is your hair?"  Gets her shoes and tries putting on her pants, sometimes tries 
wearing them like a hat! 

yup, this went into her mouth too! ;)

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  1. I think Brielana is just about the same size as Mila was at that age - both teeny little ones! She looks like the happiest little girl ever! And the photos of your girls together - melt my heart. Kinsey must be the best big sister! :)

  2. 15 months!! That stage/age is maybe one of my favorites. I LOVE all the obvious learning that takes place - and how rapidly it all happens.
    WOOHOO for getting quality sleep.
    And how sweet that she wants to be the alarm clock for her big sister. :)

  3. awww, so cute! I love sibling interactions. I need to do an 2 year old update for mine and I'm a month late. Oops!

  4. I love that you are still nursing! I nursed my first for 27 months!

  5. She is seriously SO adorable! I swear you were just celebrating her first birthday (and us celebrating Mason's third!) and now it's been 3 more months. The time is flying!

  6. The whole let me put this in my mouth stage was so stressful for us. My husband has a horrible chocking phobia and we constantly worried that Connor would choke on something.

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one still nursing a 15 month old! Are you planning on weaning any time soon?

  8. Oh goodness she is just the cutest. I agree with Stephanie the everything in the mouth is so stressful. I thought Emily would NEVER stop too, ugh.


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