Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday: Fallalujah

On the Blog//

We've been chipping away at our Fall Fun list!

I've been all about my Crock Pot, funny, since I haven't used it in basically 7 years when we received it as a wedding gift.  This Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie is a great big hug in a bowl. 

I've slowed down a bit this month on the book reading, the Holidays kinds seep in and take over, anyone else feel like that?  I'm not complaining, just stating :)  I read The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedmen (so beautifully written!!!), Zoo by James Patterson and am in the middle of JoJo Moyes, The Ship of Brides.  Find me on Goodreads!

I had high hopes for Heroes Reborn and I gotta tell ya, it has me feeling torn.  Maybe once I get a figure on what the heck is going on, I'll like more, but for now I just feel meh.

The weather has been faking us out here in Central California, the morning starts off cool and crisp and then burns right off into summer sunshine around 11am.  Since I can't wear scarves at the moment at least I can wear my boots.  A small victory.

This Weekend//
We are celebrating Halloween!!!  We finally pinned down Kinsey's costume (spoiler, she's actually wearing 2 different ones!) and we will have two fun celebrations to attend.  And this lil cutie will be able to enjoy the festivities too!

Next Month//
November is like my favorite month 1) its my Birth month and 2) Thanksgiving.  Though I must state pumpkin everything is ruining my waistline (but that's not stopping me, sigh.)

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  1. I am with you on Heroes Reborn. I want to keep watching because I loved the original, but it lacking something for me :(

  2. Yay boots! I am with you on pumpkin everything!

  3. Boots!!! I miss my flats and sandals though-- truth be told :-) Can't wait to see the grand reveal for the Halloween Costumes!!!

  4. I love your boots and that plaid shirt!

  5. Love your fall list! I don't feel like I've done any fall activities and time is running out ahah!

  6. Pumpkin everything all the way! Just requires extra baggy/flowy shirts :) Haha. I feel like I should go on a diet after my cruise but I think I'm just going to go gung ho all the way through Christmas and then reel myself back in (hopefully LOL).

  7. That crock pot chicken pot pie is on the menu this week. Can't wait!!

    Adding Light Between Oceans to the always expanding list.

    We were home (Kansas City) briefly, and the need for boots AND scarves was legit. Coming back to summer temps has been so blah.

  8. You guys are tackling that Fall list something fierce. I've loved following along with your Fall activities. I am loving your outfit and boots. The weather has been pretty similar here in Texas...starts off cool and then the sun comes out! Such a tease! ha.

  9. Yay for fall everything. I hope you get some scarf weather soon!


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