Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Borchard Farms

The visit to the Big Patch finally happened on Sunday!  Be prepared for a photo dump. We got up early (for us) and arrived at the patch around opening time and beat out the crowds. Kinsey and Brielana hitched a ride in the wagon!

   We picked out our pumpkins,

took some family pictures, 

Last year's picture for a fun comparison.  Them babies sure have grown!
Uncle, David, Papa and Daddy
 and sister pictures:

and got lost in the corn maze.  

Half way through our visit the sun emerged in all her glory and I was freaking d-y-y-y-i-n-g, dressed in my fall finest, haha. Just goes to show you can look cute but feel like poop. 

When we got back to the In Laws house, we got down to carving. I am the seed roasting queen and make sure they are reserved for snacking purposes. I've pretty much given up on Kinsey carving a pumpkin because she doesn't like "the mess" so Auntie Hailey set her up with some markers and she went to town. 

And when one is doing something, the other follows :)

I wanted to do a kitty but my original idea fell through so I improvised with this:
It's pathetic but I had so fun so I call it a win ;)  #wherestheears?
And then this happened:

Brielana was not having any of it.  I'm pretty sure it would have been a different story if she had either 1) had a nap or 2) had a snack.  But we forged on.  Let's look back on Kinsey's pumpkin photos from over the years:
I'll make sure we (I mean, Brielana) are aptly prepared for this next year!

Easiest snack in the world: washed pumpkin seeds + baking sheet + seasoning, into a 400F oven for 30 minutes, mixing halfway.  I use a combo of garlic salt, pepper and lemon pepper but there are endless possibilities.  We end up snacking on these babies while watching TV and they hit the spot.

Congratulations, you've made it to the end!
Tickled Pink

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  1. Oh my gosh, how did you get Kinsey in there in 2014??? I always wanted to do this but we missed the first year and then I thought he would be too big but I totally should have tried. Though now he is super tall and I'd need a GIANT pumpkin! lol.
    I love the pumpkin patch and am so happy you guys got to go last weekend! I always try to dress cute and "fall" and the weather always laughs in my face and is like 90+ degrees lol.

  2. Yay!!! Those are great pumpkin patch pictures. Looks like a great time. :) I am determined to take the kids this week. We have been so busy or had rain on the weekends. Love the pictures in the pumpkins. I can't believe you got both of them to sit in them that many times. Cam hated it year one so I knew he wouldn't do it again. Ha ha! Have a great week!!

  3. So much fun!! And you got a lot of great pictures. We haven't decorated or carved our pumpkins yet. We were going to this weekend, but just never got around to it. Maybe tonight!!

  4. Haha! I can't blame her pumpkins are stinky, lol! That is hilarious and SO stinking cute. It looks like you had a blast dear.

  5. Haha lily won't even touch a pumpkin seed much less climb inside. Poor kid. ;) love that you have done it every year! These are gonna make for a great photo collage!

  6. I've tried making pumpkin seeds, but it never works! maybe this year I'll try again... Love all the pumpkin patch photos.

  7. How'd you get that child out of that pumpkin last year haha? My word.
    Yeah I think hm I should wear something fall-like, and then step outside. Big nope nope nope. It hasn't been remotely cool since the start of the month when we had a mini cool snap. =(
    I like your kitty inspiration, and the end result! It is still cute!

  8. I love that family picture of the four of you but the one of Brielana sitting in the pumpkin takes the cake! At least it'll make for a funny story on her wedding day! haha

  9. Your patch experience (minus the blazing sun at the end) sounds like so much fun! I love the comparison pics - especially of the girls in the pumpkins.
    Thank you for posting the roasted seed recipe! I've always wanted to give that a try and will have to this year!

  10. Love all these photos! I second what Evelina said. Whenever I see funny/sad photos of kids I think: wedding photo slide! And that cat pumpkin is so cute. I might just steal it ;)

  11. Looks like you all had a packed weekend! I think your cat pumpkin is much better than anything I could carve!

  12. Cute cute cute!! I'm obsessed with baby in a pumpkin photos! I love these!!

  13. First off your girls are so so cute!! Love those cute leggings/tights with the orange/white polka dots too! That pumpkin patch looks like a lot of fun! I know everyone goes but its still such a great fall activity. I like seeing other patches to see what people get to do!


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