Wednesday, November 4, 2015

16 month update

How old: 16 months
Weight: 20 pounds (up 13 pounds)
Length: 31.5 inches (up 12 inches) Girlfriend grew 4 inches in 3 months! Putting her in the 84th percentile
Diaper size: Size 3
Baby clothes: 12-18 months and a few 18-24 months items
Shoes: size 3 or 18-24 months
Sleep: It's a wonderful thing!
Eating: "Nacks" as she calls snacks are her favorite things :)
Likes: Everything! This girl is easy going and sweet as honey. She likes carrying around Nancy Drew books and stops to read every few feet. Still putting everything into her mouth- our Pediatrician suggested a lead screening just in case. Splashing in the bathtub. Petting (smacking) Stella "Tella". Loves to brush her teeth.
Dislikes: Having things taken away from her and being told no. Not being able to do everything Kinsey does also ticks her off.
Milestones: She is starting to use a fork when eating, it's the cutest thing. And she's cut another tooth taking the total up to 13(!!!)
Words: Mom, mommy(!!!) but sounds more like "mommeeee", hehe, daddy, dada, doggy, kitty, meow, Kinsey (ken-zie), baby (babeeee) eye (and will poke you too!). Appies (apple) and nana (banana), nack (snack), bye (bah) and papa. Our Pediatrician also was impressed with her vocabulary because at this age, saying 3 words is good but she advised me not to compare Kinsey and her when I told her I was concerned that Brielana was behind.  I love the girls doctor, she didn't say it in a mean way, just matter of fact and it is true. 
Receptive Language: Brielana will point to her teeth when I tell her its time to brush and pulls on her hair when I ask if she wants to brush her hair. We were out and about during her nap time and when I took her out of her car seat she was clearly still sleepy. I asked if she wanted to lie down in the stroller and she nodded her head yes. And actually slept in her seat. It completely bowled me over! She never sleeps in her stroller anymore and to have expressed herself like that was amazing! Brian thinks I'm full of it when I told him of that exchange but I stick by my story.

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  1. Shut up, her in that scarf! DYING. All the heart eyes!!!!

  2. Happy 16 months sweet girl! And little kid scarves are just about the cutest thing. She's a precious little doll.

  3. What is it about these second babies and their sweet factor?! She is a cutie for sure!!

  4. What a sweetie!
    I need to take your peds advice - I feel like I'm constantly saying, "did Marcus do X, Y, Z at this age?"
    That scarf is the cutest!!
    Happy 16 months sweet lady!

  5. Such a cutie! Isn't this age the olfactory age where they out everything in their mouth as it has more nerve endings than any other part of their body?

  6. Like mother like daughter. Love the scarf. Teach them young friend.

    Wait, didn't she JUST turn 1?!

  7. Happy 16 months to your sweet girl! She looks so cute in her scarf!

  8. She's adorable! She knows a ton of words and that's a huge growth spurt! Talk about growing pains.

  9. So much cuteness! And how is it possible that my 6 month old outweighs your 16 month old?!

  10. There is very little that's more precious than a baby in a scarf!


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