Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

We started off our Halloween festivities on Friday when our local mall had a "Pumpkin Pandemonium" where the children went to each vendor/ store and collected candy or prizes. It was a mad house and I only got one good picture, but it was good practice for Kinsey to say "trick or treat and "thank you" once an item was received. Kinsey was Olivia the Pig and Brielana (not pictured) was a ladybug. 

I have a confession, we haven't been out Trick or Treating the last two years so this was actually the first time Kinsey has ever went up to doors and asked for candy. Why, do you ask? 2013 I was barely pregnant and oh so tired and 2014 it was pouring rain and I wasn't about to brave it with a newborn. But I have to say, she did very well and remembered her manners and now we're stocked up on candy through the new year. Kinsey went as Hermione and Brielana was a strawberry.

We did a little photo shoot at home and got these gems:

It isn't often that I think Kinsey looks like me (she is definitely her own person, look-wise) but this picture is me, if I had blue eyes and light hair.  What a trip.

Right after this, Brielana fell right off the chair onto her tummy :( But sister made it better.

And I can't play favorites, so here's the fur baby all dressed up. Stella joined us Trick or Treating and did so good. That darling sweater was a Target Dollar Spot find.

And that is how we celebrated Halloween 2015 and crossed another item off our Fall Fun list! 

Tickled Pink

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  1. Ooooohhhhh!, so very cute. I do t know which is ,my fave! All so good

  2. LOVE their costumes!! They are so cute! Utah has SO many trunk or treats that going door to door has kind of died out. I was shocked to see how people in Arizona go all out for the trick or treaters that go to their door! So fun for the kids!

  3. We almost went to the mall but then I heard through social media that it was pretty boring. Oh well. I bet there is a fun one in Orlando ha! Love Olivia, super cute.

  4. LOVE their costumes!!!! Olivia and a lady bug and then Hermione (?) from Harry Potter? I'm horrible with Harry Potter knowledge lol.
    And how fun you got to go to the mall even if it was a mad house!

  5. Pumpkin pandemonium at the mall sounds like a lot of fun. Our town square had trick or treating on the square with all of the vendors, but it was at a weird time. And it was raining. So, we missed it this year. Kind of bummed about that. Your sweet girls make the cutest Olivia and Ladybug. And Hermione? Awesomesauce. I am a Harry Potter lover. I wanted to get our little Diesel boy a Halloween shirt, but they were out of his size. Looks like y’all had a great Halloween! Cuties.

  6. Seriously the cutest costumes ever! You got some great shots of each girl. Brielana's facial expressions are priceless and Kinsey reading the Olivia book is just perfect. Glad you guys had a great Halloween!

  7. Oh my! The girls costumes turned out amazing! I am so happy that Olivia made the list! Ha ha! Great pictures!

  8. The girls are so adorable!!
    The mall sounds fun, I wish we had something like that around here.
    Glad the ladies had a good time and stocked up on goodies!

  9. In the first Hermoine photo, I thought she was holding a selfie stick! hahaha

  10. Cute girls!! And I love that dog!! Haha

  11. Oh Olivia. Such a fun and creative costume, love it. That Lady bug is SO similar to one that Marissa wore when she was 1 year old :).

  12. Love all the costumes! So much happiness shining through.

  13. That Olivia costume has got to be one of my favorites this year! Those ears are the best!


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