Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Man behind the Beard: November

So, we're a little tardy for this link up, but it's fast become one of my favorite posts (because, hubby- bonding time) and why deprive the world of Brian's wit and sarcasm? Let's get on it...

1a. What sports did you participate in as a child? 1b. What sports did you watch growing up?

Brian: Baseball, basketball, roller blading, riding my bike (to which I inject, those aren't sports. But maybe I'm wrong?). 
Basketball, football, hockey.

2. If you could line up your ideal Super Bowl, who would be facing off, where would they play and who would you pick to win?

Brian: I can't think right now...

3. Do you prefer the summer or winter Olympics? If you could participate in one Olympic sport, what would it be?
Brian: Summer-
Me: What?! I thought you'd say Winter because of curling.

Brian: You can say that but Summer has better sports. I'd play soccer.

4. What is your favorite food to eat at a sports party (ex: World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, etc.)?

Brian: I don't know, junk food.

5. Who is your all time favorite athlete and why?
Brian: Micheal Jordan, I mean, I don't know, you're asking me weird questions.

Linking up with Betsy.
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  1. Ha ha ha! He cracks me up. Love these posts. :) Men are so awkward sometimes when it comes to stuff like this. My hubby would be and I still need to do this.

  2. Oh he's so full of explanations... not! So funny!

  3. I am loving all of the different answers to the sports questions! And it's interesting to see which guys enjoy and hate sports, too.

  4. Weird questions?! Seem totally normal to me. I personally love how detailed each answer is. Hahaha!!

  5. curling!! yes! Hahaha weird questions

  6. Oh no! He didn't even like these questions? I thought for sure it'd be a slam dunk (see what I did there LOL) with sports questions! He's not a sports guy?

  7. Lol he reminds me SO much of Russ. It's kind of scary lol.


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