Monday, November 2, 2015

30 on 30

It's my Birthday!!!  In honor of this lovely day I am sharing 30 random facts about myself. Everyone is doing it and I like to feel I'm part of the In-crowd :) So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Whitney is actually my middle name. 
2. Water will forever be my favorite beverage.
3. I enjoy music but if given a choice I prefer silence. Weird, I know.
4. I don't like being barefoot, socks and slippers and shoes all the time. Except when I sleep otherwise that would be weird. ;)
5. I've never traveled outside of the US.
6. I adore the color pink but only have 3 pieces of pink clothing- a scarf, a vest and a coat.
7. I am technologically impaired. I actually hate it at times. Updating my iPhone is a huge ordeal for me, my stress level sky- rockets. Every. Time.
8. My feet have grown 1/2 a size since having babies.
9. I got my first job at 14. I worked in a local 4- screen movie theater for 3 years. Years later it was also the location of our church. It's a movie theater again and I've only been inside so Kinsey could use the restroom.
10. I have worked in 3 industries: entertainment, retail (GAP, 7 years) and education.
11. My favorite numbers are 2, 3 and 11. And just now realized they are all prime numbers.
12. I have the smallest birthmark on my left knee in the shape of an "8".
13. I have a super overactive imagination that gets me into trouble. I watched Blackfish and had orca nightmares for 3 nights straight.
14. My tolerance for physical pain is pretty high.
15. I don't know what it feels like to have my water break naturally. Not sure if I would want to (what if it happened out in public?) but its just something I wonder about.
16. A broken nose is the only break I hope to sustain.
17. I have never gambled but would much rather play slot machines, I have "tells".
18. I don't brush my hair. #curlyhairproblems
19. I've had the same haircut since high school: long layers.  The bangs go through phases of love/hate.
20. I like picking at pimples. Pore strips are amazing. Peeling sunburns. Scratching. I guess I have skin issues.
21. I can sleep anywhere and at will.  Its a gift.
22. 3 out of 4 of my Wisdom teeth have emerged and I have yet to have them removed. But in my defense, my Dentist told me I have until I'm 35. 
23. Golden Girls is my absolutely favorite show EVER.
24. This makes me sound like a Golden Girl, but I can tell the day before its going to rain because my knees hurt.
25. I don't believe in paying full price.
26. I'd say I have pretty good luck.
27. I've only owned two cars: a white Mazda 626 and a Chevy Bronco
28. I got my Drivers License when I was 18. 
29. Since being at home, I've become a tardy person. I used to leave 30 minutes early for everything. Not so much nowadays. I'm working on it.
30. I can't stand the word "panties."  Blah.

Hope you can still be my friend after this dose of crazy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Whitney!! Also, #20 forever.

  2. Happiest of Happy Birthdays!
    These are seriously some of my favorite posts!!
    Whitney is your middle name? And you leave us hanging without telling your first name! Gah!
    I'm with you on brushing hair. Mine is so curly, it's ridiculous.
    Panties. Ugh. I'm with you on that one!

  3. HAppy birthday, Doll!! Hope it's a wonderful one!!! LOve this post! My feet grew a half size too!!!And I SO wish I had your sleeping gift!!!

  4. Happy birthday Whitney!! I hope you have a great day. :)

  5. So many similarities! I have a hugely high pain tolerance! I've never been out of the US either, but that's going to change this next year! I prefer silence, too, and my husband must always have music on. I also have my bottom two wisdom teeth coming though... I don't have any on the top, and my dentist says they must be out soon! She is giving me this year as grace with having a baby last year :)

  6. I just finished drafting a list of 36 items for Reed's upcoming 36 month (3 year birthday)! He loves being barefoot though, so he definitely won't be matching your list :)

  7. Oh friend I have meant to tell you Happy Birthday all day long and have thought a lot about you today. I hope you are having a FANTASTIC birthday, you deserve it.

    Loved reading more about you.

  8. orca nightmares lol
    my water breaking felt like a balloon pop, and if I was in public it would have been just awful
    my dentist keeps yelling at me to get my wisdom teeth out...before they get infected!!! Sounds terrible.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Happy birthday!! I hope you had a very wonderful day! Do you go by Whitney everywhere or just in blogland? If everywhere, was going by the middle name your decision or your parents'?

  10. Whitney is your middle name?? And you leave us hanging on your first name? I had no idea!
    #15 - I actually wonder the same thing! I just imagined being in Target and wooosh. That'd be embarrassing! lol
    #25 - I don't like paying full price either!
    Happy birthday friend!

  11. Oh so fun! Now I am curious what your first name is. My feet grew half a size after having Mason, too. How weird is that? Our bodies do some crazy stuff. And, I have a crazy high tolerance for pain, too. Comes in handy for things like childbirth. Ha. I have a really hard time paying full price for everything. I always check clearance racks first. There is just something satisfying about finding a good sale.

  12. Happy birthday! Love random facts posts. Silence is definitely golden, especially after you've got kids. Ice water was my number one pregnancy craving. My water only broke on its own once and I'm so glad I wasn't in public! Hope 30's a great year for you!

  13. So I need to know what your first name is? I'm super obsessive and if I don't find out, I'll think about it every time we chat.

  14. Um seriously, we are twins!!!!! Kid you not, I didn't get my license until 18 either. I'm also a total picker of the skin too. It's like a compulsion. I have a super vivid imagination and drives my anxiety. Also, I rarely update my iPhone unless I absolutely have to because of the extreme level of annoyance, frustration, and paranoia. I actually got a new computer for my birthday and consider just using my old one because I "know" it.


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