Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Currently // June

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Watching// Amazon Original series Just Add Magic with Kinsey. Super cute girls and the wardrobe stylist is amazing, ha!
Reading// I read I Capture the Castleby Dodie Smith and just fell in love; the narrator/main character was such a delight, I would have been besties with her in real life ;) The story follows the Mortmain Family as they live in poverty in a crumbling, rented castle in the English countryside in the 1930's and how their circumstances improve when an American family moves into the neighborhood. Ironically, the author also wrote 101 Dalmatians and we know Disney has my heart. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a novel about several narratives woven together over decades and continents and was very entertaining. I enjoyed the story lines of Pasquale and Dee and was delighted with their ending.
Dreaming of// Better sleep! Brielana is cutting her final 2-year molars and it makes for less quality sleep :(
Eating// All the summer fruit! These watermelon agua fresco popsicles have been a huge hit! And our plum tree has kept us stocked up to our eyeballs in the tart stone fruit.
Going// I have made plans for the family to go to the Mummy Museum and the Zoo, just have to figure which one (San Francisco or Oakland?)
Loving// The later evenings but bedtime seems to have suffered a bit.
Planning// Some fun stuff! Vague much, right? 
Pinning// Fourth of July goodies! 

Praying// Brian has safe flights during his travels to/from Arkansas this week.
Smelling// NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, smells like roses, I'm in heaven.
Texting// Liz because I don't have Snapchat and she keeps buying all the S'mores things.
Toasting// My birthday girl, Brielana Kennedy! How is she turning two already?!
Wearing// My sun hat!
Wishlist// Clothes and books as per usual.

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  1. You are adorable in that sun hat! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  2. I need to make those popsicles. :) Love your sunhat. I was so close to buing a similar one, but I went for the cowboy hat look. I keep questioning that decision. You are killing me with your vague answers. :)

  3. That hat is so cute on you and my vote is for the zoo in Los Angeles!

  4. Your popsicle looks so delicious :) Love the sun hat!

  5. The hat looks great on you! XOXO I hope those 2 year molars come in quickly. NO fun!

  6. You really don't have snap chat? I went to find you on there... to send you a photo of a s'more thing (true story) and I couldn't find you. I'm an idiot for not even thinking that I could text you. Goodness, I am silly.

  7. I'm glad you liked I capture the castle! It was rather different from anything I've read while being familiar at the same time. I'm in a reading rut at the moment, I'm thinking next month I'll hop back on the train.

  8. Happy almost birthday to Brielana! July birthdays are the best ;) SF zoo is right by the beach and it has a nice play area. Oakland zoo's train goes right through the wallaby enclosure. I think kids aren't too picky when it comes to zoos.


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