Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kinsey Behind the Blog {June}

This month's Kid's Behind the Blog is dedicated to Daddy. Here's what Kinsey has to say about her favorite guy:

What do you like doing with Daddy?
Kinsey: Um, we watch Gumball. I like him making my breakfast. And I like him, um, getting me snacks. Also my favorite thing is when he puts me to bed. That's it.

What was Daddy like as a little boy?
Kinsey: Um, he wished he had a baby.
Me: Really?! What do you think he played with?
Kinsey: He played with his brothers hide-n-seek.
What’s Daddy’s favorite food?
Kinsey: Scrambled egg.
He does eat them practically every morning!

What does Daddy do at work?
Kinsey: buy food.
So close, haha.

What is your favorite memory of Daddy?
Kinsey: When I'm a baby
Me: Awe. Why?
Kinsey: shrugs shoulders.
Me: Is it because you had him all to yourself? 
Kinsey: *quietly and head down to her chest* yes.

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  1. Aww! She's the sweetest. Cash loves when Luke puts him to bed, too!

    What does your husband do?

  2. Aww sweet girl! I love her answers so much. Cam loves when Drew puts him to bed too. Not having to share daddy is a big deal in our house too. :)

  3. So, so cute! I also want to know what daddy does 😀

  4. aww break your heart a bit with that last one. Aria usually says daddy sleeps at work, I haven't done the questions yet this month so I wonder if she'll answer the same!

  5. Buy food!I love that response. Connor doesn't think James works. He said he does nothing when I asked.

  6. That last one tugs at the heart strings a little. I love that this Kids Behind the Blog series...

  7. Mason loves that gumball show too! It’s so weird. Haha. Now I am curious what he really does at work? Kinsey is the sweetest! Love her.

  8. Oh my goodness, her last answer was just adorable! I love all of her answers this month!

  9. That last answer - oh my gosh, did you melt into a puddle?!

  10. Omg. seriously?!? That last response is absolutely heart breaking. I just want to scoop her up. P.S. Are her eyes green?

  11. Awwww...that last answer!!! Girls sure do love their daddies!

  12. SO CUTE!!! That last answer! Goodness.
    Haha! I love that she thinks that her dad basically shops all day for work. Amazing. My dream job, Kinsey!

  13. Such a sweet and clever girls. She was much more talkative this month too! Thanks for joining in again!

  14. Replies
    1. She was so bashful about that one but I told her it was ok to want one on one time with either of us ;)

  15. So sweet! I love that she said he buys food. I obviously dont know what he actually does but that sounds like fun! Haha
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  16. Awww, that last one!! So sweet and a little bit sad.

  17. Aww so sweet. I love reading these. She is a sweetheart, and I like seeing your responses to her answers too.

  18. So cute... Love that most of the things she loves about him involve food ;).

    And yes, what does your husband actually do???

  19. Aww that sweetie pie just tugged at this mamas heart strings!!


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