Thursday, June 9, 2016

June {The Picture Perfect Project #6}

We tend to get some interesting weather once June rolls around (We lovingly refer to it as "June Gloom") so when the sun is out, we take full advantage! I don't want to jinx myself or have hit my peak too soon, but I LOVE this months photos. The girls have been giving me gold and I'm so excited to share these pictures with you!

I mean! Also check out the wall. I know Erin would be proud ;)
 AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/331
I've crossed this bridge a thousands times in my childhood. I know have a greater love for it.

AP AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/382

I mentioned it last month but can we say Senior Portrait?! sob.
 AP 2.2 ISO 40 S 1/119
Her hair is starting to get lighter from the sun and it's so shiny and pretty! 
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/1708

She is on the verge of entering two-dom and her personality is just blooming!
 AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/122
You know I enjoy an artsy shot thrown in.
AP 2.2 ISO 32 S 1/2052

I did some brightening on these shots to highlight faces.

And that's June!
The Picture Perfect Project June
Thank you for joining Beth, Courtney, Desiree, Elizabeth, Stephanie and me for another installment of The Picture Perfect Project! Now add your link below! We'll be back next month on Thursday, July 7th.

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  1. Great captures this month, Whitney!

  2. Such great photos Whitney! Those two girls are such little beauties! I love seeing the difference in them before and after editing.

  3. Great photos this month! I love seeing how you capture your little girls! I especially love the wood pile as a background behind brielana. And I'm really starting to love it when kids aren't looking directly at the camera!

  4. Oh my gosh! That picture of Kinsey in the tree is stunning!! Senior portrait totally!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. Kinsey's hair! Gorgeous!


  6. Wait! So Brielana isn't two yet?! Orrrr did you mean she is just starting to get the age appropriate sass? :P

  7. Kinsey's eyes are too die for. And dang! Her hair is getting so long.

  8. aww senior portrait! Totally. And ON dress? Aria has it in yellow =)

  9. Love it, as always love that you give the edits too :) Your girls, just too precious.

  10. These pictures turned out SO GOOD!!! I love them. Gosh, Kinsey's hair is getting so light, but so gorgeous! Also, serious gold those girls gave you. I love their sweet smiles, especially on the bridge!

  11. PURE gold! Oh how sweet they are. Kinsey’s hair is getting so light (and long!). It’s beautiful!! Gorgeous girls you have, friend.

  12. Your girls are seriously gorgeous.
    Kinsey's hair! Brielana's scrumptious cheeks.
    Loving all the captures this month!!

  13. Why sweet girls and I'm a fan of "artsy" pictures too :)

  14. Such pretty little ladies. I have a soft spot for theses two :).


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