Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#KinseyQuotes v4.0

We were blowing bubbles outside when I saw Kinsey rubbing her eye, "One fell in my eye, apparently." 

"Is this called the 'belly button'?" Pointing to the computer's speaker button. 

Driving home from the InLaws and it's super quiet in the back seat, "Brie is being peace and quiet."

Kinsey: "Here's a question- who doesn't like Santa Claus?"
Me: "I don't know?"
Kinsey: "I like Santa, he gives me gifts with no coal."

"Why do you have so many blesses (sneezes)?" This one cracks me up.

During our bedtime routine-
Me: "Goodnight baby Kinsey I love you."
Kinsey: "Goodnight baby Mommy I love you."

"Sorry we're messy. It's hard having two kids and one mom." As I was cleaning crumbs off of the couch.

"Snap it off, both of you." I think this may be a hybrid of "snap out of it" and "knock it off," either way its hilarious. 

"Daddy got us soda its called bloody (blood) orange!"

"Brielana is a good sister." This one just melts my heart.

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  1. Oh my! These are hilarious! Having one Mom is hard sometimes. lol!

  2. "Sorry we're messy. It's hard having two kids and one mom." -- greatest quote ever.

  3. These are always my favourite posts! So many make me laugh. Love the 'blesses'

  4. Oh my goodness baby mommy these are just the sweetest. I love that you document them.

  5. I love posts like these! They crack me up!! So so cute.

  6. Mercy, she is adorable. I love this one >> "Sorry we're messy. It's hard having two kids and one mom."

  7. These are all SO cute but I especially love "Goodnight baby Mommy I love you."

  8. Snap it off! And it sure is hard being one mommy with two messy kids!

  9. Ha ha!!! I love listening to all of the funny things that come out of kid's mouths. It is the highlight of my day some days. I love that she said that about Brielena. And the bubbles..:awesome!!!

  10. "Sorry we're so messy. It's hard having two kids and one mom." YES! So glad she gets it :) Best quote ever!

  11. Lololololol I fell off my chair! That belly button quote just did me in! Lol I love the things theor curious minds wonder!
    Also, thanks for keeping it real with the two kids and one mom. Lol maybe I should iterate that to Lils!

  12. Looove! These are always so fun. I always kick myself for not writing down the things Aria says then I try to remember them and they are long gone.

  13. Belly buttons! Bloody orange! I love her!

  14. Love the good night baby mommy one. Heart melted. And so true about the two kids, one mom. She's a wise one ;)


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