Monday, November 6, 2017

Birthday Blessings {32}

On Thursday I celebrated 32 years of being alive. This aging business always puts me in a contemplative mood (surely I'm not the only one?)
Birthday Blessings {32}
I have accomplished some life goals. 
I have not seen much of the world being content in my own backyard. 
I have owned two cars. 
I have carried four children and birthed three. 
I have loved one man for 12 years and have had the honor of being married to him for nine of those years. 
I can count the number of close friends on one hand and don't feel embarrassed by that. I have more friends that I have never met in person but would love to given the chance. 
I require lots of sleep to function. 
I prefer books to tv and silence to hear my own thoughts but the sound of my children’s voices is music to my ears. 
I don’t exercise enough and I enjoy eating food way more than I should (that runs in my family). 
I am a sinner but by the grace of God found Jesus and came alive. 
I am blessed. 
Birthday Blessings {32}
Happy Birthday to me.

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Birthday Blessings {32}

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  1. 1. That dress is gorgeous!
    2. Hope you had the HAPPIEST of birthdays sweet friend! xo


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