Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Sea Fairies // Collaboreads {a vintage read}

This month’s Collaboreads topic with Kristin and Rachel was a vintage read and I just so happened to be sitting on a copy of The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum that fit perfectly- this title was first published in 1911!
The Sea Fairies // Collaboreads {a vintage read}
Amazon Synopsis: 
Best-known for his beloved "Oz" stories, L. Frank Baum also fabricated other realms of fantasy for his young readers. In The Sea Fairies, he takes youngsters to visit one of those fascinating places — a kingdom deep beneath the sea. Leading the way are Trot, a very independent and immensely curious little girl, and Cap'n Bill, an old sailor who likes to tell tall tales. 

One day the two adventurers come upon a sea cave where they discover a school of bewitching mermaids who guide them beneath the waves to a magnificent palace. While touring this mysterious watery realm, Trot and Cap'n Bill meet an aristocratic codfish and a bashful octopus, attend an elegant banquet, are taken prisoner by an awesome sea monster, make a dash for freedom, and have loads of other adventures. 
Sure to tickle the curiosity and delight the imagination, this enchanting fantasy, enhanced with 78 of John R. Neill's imaginative original drawings, will charm Baum fans of all ages.
Buy the book here.

Details about the world under the sea and the creatures (real and imaginative) was written beautifully and believable which makes for a good fantasy read.  

Baum creates such enduring characters. Trot and Cap'n Bill are a sweet pair, and remind me of when I was growing up and spending time with my Papa; they have that young/old, yin/yang aspect. 

I'm a bit embarrassed by this but the TV series Mako Mermaids (which is doubly shaming as I don't allow Kinsey to watch this show anymore and yet it still comes to mind, haha.) I could also see this being a Jim Henson production in the vein of The Labyrinth.

I've read the entire Oz series but didn't know Baum had written others (call me a lazy researcher) but when I saw this book at a local used book store (for half off!) I got very excited. Having a mermaid on the cover just sweetened the deal.

3 out of 5. It was entertaining but fell short of the magic within the Oz series.

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  1. I've never heard of this book or the author. I'd love to read older books but I've been reading mostly newer books and authors.


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