Thursday, November 2, 2017

Clark's baby announcements

All God’s grace in one little face 

There are no truer words! Aren’t these just the sweetest?! Thanks to Shutterfly for these beautiful cards! All opinions are my own.
Clark's baby announcements
And now I have a confession.

I am a bit embarrassed but this is the first baby announcement we have ever sent and this being our third baby. #negligentmomhere 

I have no excuses so instead I will rave about how easy it is to make one using Shutterfly. (Maybe if I knew all this 6.5 and 3.5 years ago the girls would have had ones made too ;)
Shutterfly has this neat little feature where you can upload your picture of choice and see it in all their baby announcement designs, instantly. Like magic you can single out your favorite designs within minutes, it’s instant gratification at its finest.
Clark's baby announcements
I also appreciate the Favorites section, by selecting the heart icon, any card of your liking will be saved in a separate folder for personalizing. I played around with a few different layouts and designs going as far as designing to the card insert (did I ever mention I’m Type A? Haha) and saving all of the “finished products” for later perusal and ultimately the narrowing down process.

I had some extra time to spare thanks to a timely nap and I imported my contacts so Shutterfly even addressed my envelopes for me! I’m feeling pretty smug about this as now 
I'm all set for the Christmas card season!
Clark's baby announcements
So, if you're a first time parent or a third time parent who is making their first baby announcement card, I highly recommend Shutterfly’s service! You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Simply beautiful! And confession, ive never done birth announcements either but i do christmas cards like a champ 😊

  2. These are beautiful! Love his little face!

  3. Loved, loved, LOVED seeing this in the mail. Just the most precious little face.


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