Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Mom hacks // helpful tips from a mom of three

After having three babies I feel like I have some stuff to share when it comes to postpartum care and recovery. And while I don't always take my own good advice (haha) I will gladly pass on the knowledge anyway!

Those first few days/weeks/months with a newborn is tough. Everyone is adjusting to the new normal (whatever that may look like) and your body is going through some crazy hormonal and physical changes, so first and foremost, give yourself some grace. 

Take advantage of freebies//
New Mom hacks // helpful tips from a mom of three
There are many wonderful companies out there that cater to mom and babies and would love to send you freebies! One such company is Parent Cabin and one I personally use. You can find out more about them here. Being able to sample products is a fun way to discover new brands and many times you are also sent a coupon for more savings. 

Physical recovery//
New Mom hacks // helpful tips from a mom of three

This is my main concern, being able to get back to feeling healthy and connected to my body after giving birth. It is a big undertaking, after all you just spent the last 9+ months growing a person inside of you, and along with that awesome role, things have changed accordingly. My stomach is still looking about 3 months pregnant and don't even get me started on my legs (yikes!) but slowly easing into any sort of physical exertion will be the safest way to go. I usually wait until after the lochia to start light activity (think walking the dog while babywearing) and then begin more physically taxing activities after my doctors approval at the 6-week check up. And that's where Aaptiv will come in!

Aaptiv is an online physical trainer that was started by a woman, for women and they have recently launched pregnancy and postpartum workouts!! Try a free one-week trial here. It's available for iOS and Android phones.

Portable "Stations"//
New Mom hacks // helpful tips from a mom of three
Creating portable stations for nursing gear and diaper changing really makes things easier. When the things you need are within easy reach it sets you up for success. I throw everything I need into a cute basket and then I don't have to worry that I forgot "xyz".  Give it a try and I bet you'll love it too!

I hope these little bits of "wisdom" are helpful! Enjoy that new baby first a foremost because the sayings "babies don't keep" and "time is a thief" are too true!

New Mom hacks // helpful tips from a mom of three

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  1. You'll have to let me know how you like that app! I'm currently on the struggle bus to find motivation to do anything outside my typical stuff, and it's getting.... boooooring.


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