Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Currently 004 // April

Anyone else feel like April just snuck right on in? Having Easter right at the beginning of the month seriously threw my off my game. Joining Anne for her Currently link up. A small commission may be received if you purchase an item through my links. Thank you for supporting my blog!
Showering | 
Besides the raining outside, I have nothing...(?)

Cultivating | 
I’m trying to implement minimalism into our every day lives and by “our” I mean my husband & kids because they are borderline hoarders. Since my big purge back in January I’m finding that its easier for me to let go of things but I need to respect that it may look different to my loved ones and that is ok.

Expecting | 
Some big changes in the next couple of months. Am I terrified & nervous? Yes. Am I excited & energized? You bet!

Buying | 
I’m gifting myself some natural beauty products from Beautycounter. My picks below. 

Cooking | 
This asparagus tart. Oh my word. Delicious. Recipe here.

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  1. I'm raising my hand over here; April has definitely come so fast!!! You should share your purging process; I am trying to declutter over here and some days are easier than others.

  2. Ooh that tart looks interesting. I really need to figure out ways to eat more veggies; I just don't like most of them!


  3. Ooooh that looks like a delicious way to eat asparagus! And I am loving my recent Beautycounter purchases - the dew skin is great. Curious about the lip conditioner now!


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