Thursday, April 12, 2018

Purging & Cleaning

I had a comment asking about how I got started on my purging and cleaning journey so I figured I’d shed some light on it!
Purging & Cleaning
Let me lay some groundwork first:
  1. I don’t hold my possessions dear to my heart. On two separate occassions (without going into details) I have had to leave all my stuff behind in moves. At a young age I learned things are just things.
  2. We live in a small space so storage is minimal and tiny. Less space = less things.
  3. I never really learned "how to clean" so I always felt like it wasn't for me so I did it begrudgingly and sporadically. It took a mind change to get me to appreciate that cleaning things wasn't a chore so much as an expression of love for my family and pride in our home. That switch in thinking was KEY.

Purging |
I started purging after I came across Allie Casazza’s Declutter like a Mother course in January. It was such a great motivator! I threw away unnecessary paperwork, donated toys, clothes, craft supplies, and games. We upcycled books and went through DVDs and CDs (what are those? Haha) By the end I donated like 10 bags and consigned eight. The purging process is always ongoing; you can always find a few bags holding donate/consign items in two different (designated) corners of our house. Yes, it kinda adds to visual clutter but I don't bring them to my car unless they are full otherwise I'm wasting time and gas taking half-empty bags to Goodwill. I learned you gotta find the balance that works for you.
Purging & Cleaning
I found that getting rid of the excess freed up mental space and I felt freer and lighter. It is amazing. 

Some resources to check out:

Cleaning |
Come February, after clearing counter tops, shelves and closets, I was ready to tackle cleaning. Like I mentioned above, I never was instructed on the ins and outs of cleaning and it really isn't an innate ability so I just felt lost and defeated. I finally saw (heard?) the light when I was listening to The Simple Show podcast with Tsh and cohost, Kendra talked about how to clean. I finally found my muse!
Purging & Cleaning
After some minor trial and error (using a premade but untailored- to-me cleaning schedule, getting overwhelmed with making my own cleaners- there are so many options out there! White noise, indeed)  I decided to join a one week clean it challenge hosted by Kendra of Clean Mama since the first crash course gave me that desired momentum. Well, it worked!
***How crazy is it that both women who specialize in cleaning are named Kendra?!***

Since then, I have mapped out my own rooms, categorized what needed to be cleaned on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule, assigned days of the week per room and cleaning finally became purposeful.

Clean Mama's #justcleanit Instagram challenge
The Lazy Genius podcast episode #51: cleans the bathroom | #17: cleans the house
Practical Essential Oils 

It’s April now and my cleaning schedule is still going strong. Sundays are my favorite cleaning day- its the bathroom and it feels so good to clean and I've gotten it down to 20 minutes or less (another bonus to smaller homes, smaller rooms, faster cleaning times!)
Purging & Cleaning
I hope this helps to inspire! I’m going cliche and saying if I can reform my bad cleaning habits than anyone can!

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  1. Loved this post!

    You're right- changing your thinking about taking care of your home is EVERYTHING! (which, I suppose actually transfers to all aspects of life, not just cleaning!)

    I love following Allie- she has so much great wisdom to share!

  2. I spent most of last week purging our home in my free time. It's still an ongoing process, but it feels good! We live in a smaller 3 bedroom home, but we do have a lot of storage in the basement and attic. With 6 people, we have a LOT of stuff...too much stuff, actually, so my current project is streamlining, donating, and selling.

    1. I am cheering you on!! Purging is such a huge process while youre in it but once you get into a good groove it feels good too!


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