Friday, May 25, 2018

Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals

I have been making my health a priority this year and that has extended to my beauty products. Avoiding questionable ingredients and fragrances has made shopping a little more mindful but I feel good about the things getting slathered onto my body and hair. Thank you to Dr Jacobs Naturals for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals
I'm sure you've heard about castile soap (its been around for decades) but if not, it is a liquid and/or solid all-vegetable oil-based soap. The process of the milling of the soap was originated in the Castile region of Spain hence the name. Dr Jacobs Naturals is made without synthetic fragrances and preservatives, does not contain any parabens, phalates, propylene glycol, lauryl/laureth sulfates and tricolsan (those are all bad, FYI ;)Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals
What I like about this castile soap is that it is formulated just for body and face so no more watery thin consistency that runs out of your hands before getting it onto your skin (not that I'm bitter from that experience or anything, haha) But it IS nice to have the thicker viscosity  when applying. You can see and feel where its applied and makes for a better cleaning experience. I also haven't experienced any burning like I have using the thinner products.
Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals
Not only are the ingredients pure the scents are also amazing! Honey almond, rose, lavender and minty cucumber mojito just to name a few. I'm totally jazzed about the charcoal wash since its great for detoxing and deep cleansing. Charcoal is totally having a moment right now, isn't it?! For good reason! There are also bar soaps if those are more your style.

Ready to switch to more natural products but not sure how to determine what's good? Let technology help! Using these Apps EWG and ThinkDirty allows you to scan barcodes and shows you a rating ranging from 0-10 (less being best) based on the contents of the product. I use both since some items are not found on either database.
Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals
Now that you're equipped with knowledge go get yourself some Dr Jacobs castile soap, download an App (or two!) and have fun switching to cleaner beauty products! I'm rooting for you!
Getting clean with Dr Jacobs Naturals
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