Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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December is here! Break out the hot cocoa! Play those Holiday movies on repeat. Blast those Christmas carols like no one is listening. I'm counting down the days for Christmas (with a chocolate advent calendar, no less) and joining Anne for her Currently link up. If you haven't done so yet now is the month to participate!
Currently 010

Gifting |
I'm making my list, checking it twice. I have done the bare minimum in terms of gift shopping minus my two Black Friday 
purchases from Freshly Picked and June & January. BUT they're all wrapped and waiting patiently under the tree. Baby steps, people.

Baking |
I’m going to a Cookie Exchange next weekend and am trying to narrow down my baking list. I’m torn between shortbread bars and a 
more traditional cookie offering, what say you?

Singing |
All the classic Christmas songs! We had Alexa playing some songs during dinner the other night and we were all yelling out song titles, 
it was great. Kinsey has her school concert coming up soon too. We got a sneak peek the other day.

Mailing |
I was ALL OVER sending out our cards last Friday! 

Decorating |
I purposely went to Lowe’s to ask for scrap tree trimmings so I could decorate our mantel/around the house. They were so nice and
accommodating by my request, so don’t feel shy! I'm sure they appreciate the tiding up ;)

Are you feeling ready for the Holidays?
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  1. I didn't even know you could go to Lowe's for tree trimmings. How cool is that? A free resource.

  2. I like the idea of bringing a non-cookie to a cookie exchange. I'm co-hosting my annual exchange this weekend and I think it would be fun to have someone bring a bar or something else a little different. :)


  3. what a great idea to go to Lowe's. A cookie exchange sounds wonderful. Such festive christmas fun!

  4. Yes, scrap tree trimmings is the best way to go for decorating! I discovered that one year when we accidentally bought a tree that was way too tall and my husband had to cut a bunch off the bottom, ha. Enjoy the season!!

  5. Your photos are blowing me away! I can’t get enough. I hope you have a blast at the cookie exchange. I got your card in the mail this week and it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you for thinking of us!


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