Monday, December 3, 2018

Sending Christmas cheer // Our Christmas cards 2018

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly but all opinions as always are my own.

I made myself a hard and fast promise this year. After all the hecticness of a summer move; the acclimation to a new state; the start of a new school year; and all the ensuing feels of celebrating our first holidays without our California families, I committed to sending out Christmas cards BY December 1st. With Shutterfly, I have met my goal and surpassed my own expectations. Hashtag winning.
Sending Christmas cheer // Our Christmas cards 2018
This is my third year using Shutterfly for our holiday cards. I can’t praise them enough for delivering above and beyond in quality. The cardstock keeps its shape and looks great year after year (because you KNOW I have all our years past cards in an album, ha.)
  Year 1  |   Year 2  |  Year 3

I went with a your Truly design and again opted for foil- that shine just epitomizes Christmas for me. But don’t think I didn’t seriously considered glitter because, sparkle. In the end this card design won because it checked all the boxes:

Gold foil ✔️
Customizable photo layout ✔️
Accentuated our picture in the best way ✔️

I know these are just teaser pictures but I can’t up and spoil the surprise for my recipients so just trust me on the perfectness of the picture + card combo, ok? ;)
Sending Christmas cheer // Our Christmas cards 2018
Let me tell you, it takes me days and hours going through each card layout, picking my top ten (or twenty, but who’s counting?) and inserting family pictures, picking card liners and envelope designs; I mean why make it easy on myself and use the photo insert function, amIright?! Its all part of the creative process for me. Using the Shutterfly App also comes in handy!

What’s not fun for me? Addressing envelopes (or licking them but that's something else entirely) thank goodness I took advantage of the address function and imported all my contacts years ago. With a click of a button my cards are addressed and printed, ready to go almost as soon as they arrive on my door step. Which was on Tuesday this week! Can’t even believe how fast the printing turnaround was! Guess that's a bonus of starting early.
Sending Christmas cheer // Our Christmas cards 2018
If your'e in need of getting your Christmas cards ordered please consider using Shutterfly. You won’t be sorry. 


  1. I just picked up our cards this weekend and hope to have them out by Saturday.

  2. This is so beautiful.

  3. Pretty! We got ours too, now the race is on to get them out!!!

  4. Whitney! Your cards look beautiful. :)


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